Grace Valley Islamabad


Grace Valley Islamabad is an auspicious housing project near the T-Chowk Rawat Islamabad. It specifically comes up with the determination to provide peace of mind with serenity in the atmosphere. Meanwhile, it is present at a prime location where an abundance of vast natural and scenic beauty.

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    Grace Valley Islamabad Owner

    The owner of the society gives confidence to the residents and the investors. The owner of Grace Valley is Mr. Abdul Rasheed Khan.

    Grace Valley Location


    Location plays a vital role when we are looking to buy a property. Grace Valley is located at the gateway of Islamabad. It is opposite Rawat T-Chowk, Al Riaz CNG which makes its location most accessible from all sides of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

    Project Nearby Places

    Grace Valley is surrounded by some of the best places in Islamabad and Rawalpindi:

    Grace Valley Islamabad NOC Status


    Most housing societies in Islamabad and Rawalpindi claimed NOC approval for their housing project. As your reliable investment partner, ANZO Marketing never suggests you invest in those projects who have legal issues. Grace Valley has an approved NOC status for their housing project under the supervision of the CDA (Capital Development Authority) on over 436 Kanal.

    Grace Valley Islamabad LOP

    GraceValley (1) (1)

    The LOP of Grace Valley is also approved by the concerned authorities CDA. Grace Valley has gained the approved LOP on over 436 Kanals.

    Grace Valley Total Land

    It is also important as NOC, if the society has the LOP approved it means that the project owner can start working on the site and advertise. At first, Grace Valley owners has 436 Kanals of Land. After gaining the NOC and LOP, the society has managed to spread the land to 700 Kanal land.

    Grace Valley Islamabad Blocks

    Grace Valley has divided into three major blocks that are under:

    • Block A
    • Block B
    • Block C

    Grace Valley Block A

    Grace Valley Block A has two sizes of plots cutting available for sale right now: 

    1. 11 Marla
    2. 1 Kanal

    Grace Valley Block B

    Block B has three sizes of cutting available for sale:

    1. 5 Marla
    2. 7 Marla 
    3. 10 Marla

    Grace Valley Block C

    In block C Grace Valley Has announced four categories of plots:

    1. 5 Marla
    2. 6 Marla
    3. 7 Marla
    4. 10 Marla

    Grace Valley Islamabad Payment Plan


    Features and Amenities in Grace Valley

    The society has announced the premium amenities in Grace Valley, so can residents can enjoy and live a healthy lifestyle. Some of the features and amenities are as under:

    1. 60 FT Main Boulevard
    2. Hospital
    3. Mosque
    4. Grace Apartments
    5. Grace Villas
    6. Shopping Mall
    7. Food Corner
    8. Underground Water
    9. Electricity
    10. Gas
    11. Graveyard
    12. Green Spaces
    13. Gated Community 

    Reason To Invest in Grace Valley Islamabad

    Whoever is looking to invest or wants to buy a plot, Grace Valley is one of the best options both for residents and investors. The key points of Grace Valley are becoming the reasons that people are getting attraction. One of the major reasons is its location, location is right opposite the T-Chowk Rawat, adjacent to DHA Phase III, and near Saffron City Islamabad, the other aspects include it being near the gigantic shopping mall GIGA, and CUST University. You can also enjoy hassle-free traffic in the future because the ring road, motorway, and expressway will be constructed and updated. 


    Grace Valley Islamabad is a NOC-approved housing society located at T-Chowk Rawat. It is the best time to invest because the prices will increase in just a few months because of Motorway, Express Way and Ring Road, the facilities they announced are very much on the card. For booking and details contact ANZO Marketing which is your reliable investment partner.

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