Striking Features of Housing Schemes of Pakistan

Currently, Pakistan is in a steady development phase where most of the overseas and local buyers prefer investing in housing societies that have advanced features. During recent years investors took a keen interest in short-term investments because purchasing properties in well-reputed projects of housing societies allows playing a more progressive role in the investment.

Finding an ideal housing society for investment is just as hard as finding a perfect plot or a house, So we will mention some features to help you in finding the best housing society to invest in.

Advanced development of the Housing Societies

Planning, infrastructure, and consideration to advanced development are among the top features of good housing societies in Pakistan. Several housing societies attract buyers towards their interesting features including modern and latest architecture, proper sewerage and sanitation system, designated parking areas, well-paved wide roads, underground electric cables, parks, graveyards, eco-friendly environment, and much more.
This is one of the main reasons why areas including Gulberg, DHA Islamabad, Park view city, Bahria Town, Blue world city, Taj Residencia, and Capital smart city are considered the top real estate projects for housing in Pakistan.

Easy Instalments and Payment Plan

Installment plans are the catalyst in the real estate industry since they provide an option to pay installments for their property during a specific period to their clients. So that they could invest a series of small installments instead of making a huge investment at once. Easy installment plans and economical prices are the best characteristics of any housing society. Secondly, residential schemes with state-of-the-art infrastructure and other amenities automatically raise property value. That’s why several housing societies offer a variety of installment and payment plans to attract customers from different economic backgrounds.

Standardized Facilities of Housing Societies

Some of the most popular housing societies offering outstanding facilities include access to essential utilities such as gas and water connections, an uninterrupted supply of electricity, commercial zones featuring outlets of domestic and international brands, reputable educational institutes, community centers, CCTV surveillance, sports facilities and playgrounds, health care centers, cafes, mosques, recreational places, and much more.
Although housing societies that are providing such facilities are comparatively much expensive that’s why real estate investors mostly prefer to buy property in the same residential schemes.

Safe and Secure Community system

Gated communities have gained immense popularity over the past years because people find a safe and secure society for their living. Also, dwelling in a gated community offers a safer environment for children as well as gives residents a sense of privacy and peace. Not only that, the construction of the Safe and Secure Community project is considered one of the fast-growing real estate trends in Pakistan.

Good housing societies are mostly surrounded by boundary walls and the 24/7 availability of security guards at each entry and exit point. In such societies, there are restrictions on the entrance for the outside visitors to enter the premises with approval which guarantees around-the-clock security to the citizens. Moreover, these restrictions also play a significant role in decreasing the traffic on the roads of society.

NOC Issuing Authorities

If a residential project has been approved by a competent development authority, it means that society is free from property scams and frauds, making it safe for investment. The approval of concerned development authorities like CDA in Islamabad is also one of the most significant features of good housing societies.
Before investment, you can check the NOC verification and approval status of a housing society by visiting the website of the concerned development authority.

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