Pros and Cons of Buying a House Just Near Main Road

There are two specific types of prospective homebuyers based on their choices when it comes to buying a property, number-one who favor residing near the main road and those who favor a calm or peaceful place. Each of the locations has its different pros and cons. Purchasing a house and living on a main road can give easy access to public places, shops, mass transit, and schools. However, on the other hand, excessive noise, lack of privacy, and air pollution may be significant deal-breakers for some property seekers but not necessarily for others who prioritize accessibility above all else.

We have composed a list outlining the pros and cons of living on a primary road, which will help you to introduce yourself to the fundamentals of real estate investment in Pakistan.

By reaching these aspects with your respective preferences you can pick the most suitable living situation for you and your loved ones.

Pros of Having a House on The Roadside

If you are searching for the perfect destination for living, the topmost aspects to view are the project location. Deciding to pick between a home in a bustling area or a more isolated and peaceful one is a difficult one to some extent. If you are interested in purchasing a property on a main road, there are many advantages as follows.

Easy to access public transportation and common areas.

A property on a main road offers greater accessibility and convenience who wishes to be in proximity to essential facilities like schools, hospitals, shopping centers, and leisure areas. Additionally, they can conveniently access public transportation or walk a short distance to purchase everyday necessities without any difficulty.

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Secondly, a property on a main road usually has a higher resale value due to its desirable location. It can be an advantage for those who want to sell property in the future and receive a good return on investment.


Usually, busy streets and main roads are effulgent and crowded all the time. People in large amounts walking on the pavements and many areas, these places most probably have more existence of law enforcement authorities. By reducing the number of break-ins, people who enjoy taking walks through the neighborhood during early morning or late evening hours can feel safer.


Having a house near a highway or a main road can be fruitful because the government takes adequate upkeep of these roads compared to smaller streets. It means that when there is damage caused by heavy rain or other factors, the main roads are repaired first, while smaller streets may have to wait longer.

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It is always an important decision to select a residence place. Moreover, a survey of the area and surrounding is obligatory when you are looking for any house or apartment.

Purchasing a home is a significant financial achievement, and it can be attractive to focus on the thrill of the move. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that you’re selecting a place where you’ll reside for several years, so it should be comfortable. Consider some of the disadvantages of living near a main road to assist you in making a decision.

Here are some explanations living near a busy road might not be the best option.


One of the significant drawbacks of living on a roadside is the increased noise level from the heavy traffic flow. Although measures such as the installation of double-glazed windows can reduce the noise to a certain extent, the outdoor areas can still be very noisy for residents who live on busy streets.

Despite the downsides of living on a main road, potential home buyers should bear in mind that the streets generally only experience high traffic flow during peak hours and are not invariably busy throughout the day. Therefore, they should take the initiative to gather knowledge before making absolute findings.


It is also important to note that directions to active streets will request more dust inside your home. Dusty air from motorcars and other vehicles is among the most annoying and uninvited visitors to properties on a main road. Apart from needing constant clean-up, poor air quality can also activate certain allergies among homeowners, requiring owners to install an air filtration system in the house, which is an added expense.


As mentioned above, buying a property near a main road usually costs lower than one in the back streets. So, as much as living on a main road is an affordable option, it can go against the buyer when they are trying to sell it. To put it simply, properties on busy streets usually have slower price growth and lesser resale value. However, please note that this may not be the case for every neighborhood or area.


Homes on busy streets and in proximity to high-traffic areas will need parents and pet owners to be more watchful in assuring that their children and furry friends are not left alone in case they wander or escape out. In other words, living on main road can be risky for families with kids and pets – especially if they have not installed safety perimeters.

It concludes our blog on purchasing a house near main road. We expect the list we have provided of pros and cons will help you reach a quick decision.

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