Park View City Hills Estate


Park View City Hills Estate is an excellent addition to the society’s captivating nestled amidst the serene beauty of lush greenery and scenic views of Margalla Hills. The greenery and beauty not only offer a visually appealing environment but also promote a healthier, where residents can enjoy the benefits of nature. So let’s deep dive into the new addition in Park View City, Hills estate.

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    Park View City Hills Estate Owners and Developers

    Islamabad’s most sought-after housing project is Park View City, the developers of this block are also Vision Group that developing the whole society. Aleem Khan, a prominent and active member of renowned politicians, owns the Vision Group.

    Park View City Hills Estate Location

    The management of Park View City has not revealed the location of Hills estate. However, we are expecting that they will reveal soon. Furthermore, this block will be desirable for residents and investors. Whenever this block starts, further details will also be made public by ANZO Marketing with its respective audience.


    Park View City Hills Estate NOC

    Park View City Islamabad housing society has already restored its NOC from CDA after the order of the court, so it is safe to invest in this housing society. ANZO Marketing that’s your reliable investment partner is also an Authorized Sales Partner of Park View City.

    Major Places Near Park View City

    • Comsats
    • Iqra University
    • Islamabad Club is on a 10-minute drive from Park View City Islamabad
    • Pak-China Friendship Center is very near to Park view City.
    • The National School
    • Rawal Dam is very near, therefore, the underground water table level is very good. There will be no water issue.

    Pak-China Friendship Center

    Comsats University

    Rawal Lake

    Iqra University

    Islamabad Club

    Hills Estate Park View Plot Category

    The management has decided to provide only two cuttings in the initial phase of launching the Hills Estate. The plots available for sale in Park View City Hills Estate are:

    • 5 Marla
    • 10 Marla

    For booking and more details, you can contact ANZO Marketing which is your reliable investment partner.

    Blocks of Park View City Islamabad

    Park View City Overseas Block

    Park View City Golf Estate


    Park View City Downtown

    Park View City The Walk

    Discounted Price

    The society has also proposed a discount offer for people who want to purchase the plot by paying full amount. To avail the discount, you will have to buy the plot on full payment by paying the total amount all at once at the time of purchase. This way you won’t be able to benefit from the installment plan, but you will enjoy a 5% discount on booking.

    Points to Ponder Before Buying a Plot in Park View City

    Verifying the Legal Documents

    It is always important to cross-check the necessary documents required to buy any property. The legal documents of the housing society such as NOC (No Objection Certificate) and others should be checked beforehand to avoid any fraud or scam. 

    Finances Should be Checked Before

    When you decide to buy any property, you should make a proper financial plan according to your affordability. In this way, it will be easy for you to make the installments and pay other fees such as transfer fee or survey fee. 

    Surveys and Site Visits

    In order to make sure that your investment is in safe hands you need to visit the site before time. This will help you in gaining knowledge about the location and in making future decisions. You should only finalize your deal when you are completely satisfied.

    Park View City Development Updates

    Park view has announced several good news regarding development in different blocks, which has boosted interest for the people, not only in Pakistan but also for overseas residences.
    Possession of J-BLOCK
    Another good news is that Park View City will announce J-block and Overseas Block possession soon.

    Map Revealing of Overseas Block

    Map Revealing of first 1000 plots soon in Overseas block of Park View City. Moreover, Commercial will soon be constructed in the overseas block, So the people who don’t have enough capital to do investment in Commercial downtown and want to invest in commercial plots this is the perfect time to grab the opportunity because in Commercial downtown, the plots have already booked and soled. Big news for the Overseas Pakistanis to be ready for the new chance of profitable investment in Park View City Islamabad.

    Why invest in Park View City Islamabad?

    Different investors value different features when they invest in housing societies. These reasons include the amenities provided, the payment plan, the location of the society, NOC, and other such factors. All these factors can be found in Park View City Islamabad. The amenities such as the provision of basic needs, free health and education facilities, a secure environment, commercial hubs, parks, cinemas, underground electricity supply, and shopping malls are made available in Park View City Islamabad. All these facilities and amenities promise a standard and quality lifestyle to the residents and in this way attract investors to invest in it. 

    The location of Park View City Islamabad is also one of the major reasons that make it possible for people to invest in this housing society. It is a 10-minute drive from Serena Hotel. It is located a little far from the city near the hills and botanical gardens. It is a 10-15 minute drive from Faizabad. It can be easily accessed from Rawal Road, Bara Kahu, and Kurri Road. 

    Park View City Islamabad has acquired its NOC from CDA (Capital Development Authority) which enhances the chances of investment in society. As the housing society has gained NOC approval, people feel safe in investing and buying property. This also makes it more trustworthy and people invest to build their dream homes and live their standard life in this housing society. 

    The infrastructure of the society is based on international design accommodating the spaces in a useful way. It is eco-friendly and the 24/7 security system attracts investors to invest in Park View City Islamabad. 

    Features And Amenities

    The vision of this society is very big. The developers are planning to construct something big. It is an incredible housing society with fascinating views and unequaled beauty, offering a countless numbers of facilities for residents. The construction of each block is in progress with a goal of developing a society that will stand out among other societies in every aspect. The construction and development is ongoing with a vision to build a society that not only provides a quality of life, but also offers a peace of mind.a

    Botanical Gardens


    24/7 Eelectricity



    Gated Community

    Imex Cinema



    Park View City Hills Estate block would be one of the biggest social and commercial projects in Islamabad shortly following its implementation, looking at society. All things considered, Hills Estate looks to be a good investment opportunity for both investors and residents.

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