Real Estate Issues in Pakistan

6 Major Real Estate Issues in Pakistan that Overarching The Market

After agriculture, the real estate industry in Pakistan is the most profitable sector for business, and it is the second-largest work sector in Pakistan. We all know that real estate is a booming site after the government’s flexible policies. Real estate investment is one of the most lucrative investments for several reasons, one of the biggest reasons is after investing in real estate you can get a high return on investment in a shorter and longer period. In the growth of GDP in Pakistan, the real estate sector is contributing significantly, because people have started taking interest in the real estate sector, so that is why the prices of properties go up. Both local and foreign investors rush to get their hands on the latest developments in the real estate sector.

Despite the growth of this industry, there are still issues that need to be addressed. The problems include a lack of transparency, a high ratio of fraud, lack of accountability among real estate agents. So ANZO Marketing designed a guide for all the major real estate issues in Pakistan that is plaguing and their solutions.

Issues in Pakistan’s Real Estate Market

Pakistan is facing the following real estate issues in Pakistan’s market that need to be tackled before plaguing more:

  1. Lack of awareness
  2. Lack of Laws
  3. Lack of transparency
  4. Lack of planning
  5. Lack of regulation
  6. Lack of access to information

Lack of Awareness Among People 

Most of the problems has come over the year in the real estate sector because lacking legislation. Laws should be designed and implemented to help investors and others facing such problems in the future. Transparency and regulation should be implemented in the real estate market. This can lead us to everyone being treated fairly and equally.

If we have proper rules and guidelines in the real estate industry, investors and residents can be protected. The chances for corruption will also reduce if the laws and regulations are placed.

After this, the results will be smooths for investors and residents to make money through real estate. The government of Pakistan should come upfront with a stance about the regulations in the real estate market. 

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Lack of Laws to Protect Investors and Buyers 

There is also a lack of laws that need to be in place to protect the rights of investors. We can get through an example like there are so many unethical practices ongoing in the real estate market. Sometimes real estate dealers and agents don’t have the same interest, so they may try to take the edge of the investors. As long as dealers are not regulated, the residents and investors will face problems like the dealers or brokers charging too much for services.

Lack of Transparency in the Real Estate Market

The real estate market always needs transparency and integrity. When doing real estate transactions, people should know what other parties are doing. So we need clear rules and guidelines to regulate this market.

There should be transparency between the buyers and real estate agents or dealers of properties. We can protect residents and investors from fraud if the government makes clear and well-defined regulations.

Lack of Planning

As the population in Pakistan is growing at a high pace; we as a nation, lacking in planning in the real estate sector in Pakistan. As a result, most people are facing the basic needs of housing.

One of the most pressing issues is the increase of illegal and unregulated developments, which often lack basic amenities such as water, electricity, and sewage systems. This has led to a rise in property disputes and legal battles, and a lack of trust among investors. So, if the government properly planned the real estate developments, we can tackle these major issues quite efficiently.

Lack of Regulation

Real estate lacks regulation, these things causing problems like illegal developments, poor construction, and property disputes. Property buyers and investors are at risk of illegal practices and financial losses. Without implementing proper regulation, environmental and safety standards can be neglected, endangering lives. Stricter regulations and enforcement are necessary for sustainable development and to protect the interests of all parties involved.

Lack of Access to Information

Accessing crucial information about real estate in Pakistan is very difficult. Many people cannot take the right decision of investment such as where to invest or buy a property and this leads to confusion and mistrust among dealers and real estate agents. 

The lack of transparency also increases the risk of fraud and unethical practices by developers and real estate agents. There is a need for more accessible and reliable sources of information in the real estate market to ensure transparency and promote a healthy and trustworthy environment for all parties involved.


In conclusion, the real estate industry in Pakistan has the potential to be a profitable sector for investors and a significant contributor to the country’s GDP. However, several real estate issues in Pakistan industry need to be addressed, such as a lack of transparency, regulation, planning, and access to information. Without proper laws and regulations, real estate investors and residents are at risk of fraud and financial losses. The government must implement effective measures to address these issues, promote transparency, and protect the rights and interests of all parties involved.

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