What is Skip Tracing in Real Estate?

Skip Tracing

To find out the person who is a debtor and has changed his location or disappeared to avoid lawful responsibilities such as payments of debts and others. There are a few steps in the process of skip tracing that involve the verification of the information about the debtor, looking at the public records, and getting in touch with the people who know the debtor. 

This is also used for the people who are supposed to be presented before the court. Usually, it searches for anyone who cannot be found on the standard searches. 

Skip tracing stands for finding and locating the actual owner of any property in the real estate. Sometimes the land is deserted by the owners, and later, they become motivated sellers in real estate. 

Why Do We Use It?

Most people skip trace in a professional way. Mostly the following people use skip tracing:

  • Real Estate Agents
  • Wholesalers of Real Estate
  • Investors of Real Estate
  • Private Investigators

Is Skip Tracing Legal?

The real question that arises is, is skip tracing legal? The precise answer to this question is yes. But there are some legal requirements that should be followed by all means. It also depends upon your customer’s expectations if you would follow the law or not. 

If any person tries to violate someone’s privacy, steal essential documents, or break the privacy of any sensitive office, the person will be charged with defamation or harassment. 

The platform of social media can be used for different information extraction. One can learn about people, their likings, preferences, and even the present activities and statuses. This type of information can be used in marketing and other objectives.

If social media is used negatively, the person will suffer adverse outcomes such as being charged with cybercrime. 

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How to Perform Skip Tracing?

Skip tracing is performed to generate leads in real estate. This concept is extracted from police investigations. 

To become a part of skip tracing, you have to get involved in it by yourself or take help from a professional skip tracer. These professionals take help from referrals and software for the extraction of data. 

Tools and Techniques for Skip Tracing

Nowadays, different techniques and tools are used for skip tracing. The most effective way is to understand the needs and requirements of the customers. Following are some of the best skip tracing tools for real estate:


PropStream is a famous name for skip tracing in real estate. This is commonly used for research while you are shifting your home or changing it.  

This is the best option for getting to know about the property that you are interested in and want to do any renovation in it. PropStream will help you in this regard. 

This application will not allow you to call any government or federal numbers as they are private and will list them in a “Do Not Call” list. 

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Skip Genie

Skip Genie is also considered as one of the best applications for skip tracing. It is famous as the center of attention of this application is the following two main points:

  • Clear and short data
  • Updated data  

This software is very authentic and reliable as it provides the details of the property named after one person. This can be used to sell and purchase any property. Another feature of this software is that it is entirely free of cost. 

Property Shark

Property Shark gives a detailed overview of a person, his public and private assets, and his status in society. It provides information in detail about any property and the area surrounding it. 

If there is any problem in the surroundings of the property, such as landfills, unpaved roads, etc., that can decline the value of the property; this application will provide you with a complete report. 

IDI Data

IDI Data is a high-budget tool that intelligence agencies use for skip tracing services. It is also used by people such as financial auditors and private detectors.

IDI holds the encrypted data of famous people. It is an international database. 


Max Maxwell, a famous realtor, is the owner of REISkip. To search out the customer, this application uses triangulation technology. 

This application is reliable and authentic as it looks for information from multiple sources and provides the customer with the most suitable one.  

Mojo Skip Tracer

Mojo Skip Tracer is the most commonly used application for skip tracing as this application is affordable and reasonable. Different realtors recommend it. 

A unique feature of this application is that it offers a personal guide who would look into your case and guide you accordingly. This is not available in all countries. 

There are other applications as well, such as :

  • Reonomy
  • Batch Skip Tracing


Skip tracing is an essential phenomenon in real estate. There are different applications and tools that can help the customers to take the services of skip tracing. This is a legal process and involves different steps in the process.  

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