Smart Villages: The Sustainable Development in Rural Areas

Smart Villages: The Sustainable Development in Rural Areas

Smart villages, the latest adage in sustainable development, are arising as hope and aiming to transform rural geographies and uplift many people from poverty.

Using the latest technology, development, and community participation, the smart villages open the door to a future that is green, innovative, and equitable. 

Smart villages match the requirements of the modern world that are committed to sustainable development. These developments hold an immense promise which was neglected previously such as traditional development.

According to the “Reconsidering Development” report, designed by the United Nations 43% of the population lives in rural areas. This population relies on the local market, agriculture, and natural resources and lacking in prosperity, and they don’t have basic needs such as health care, education, and employment.

This is where “smart villages” play their part. These villages are designed to create sustainable growth, and resilient ecosystems to promote economic growth, and environmental protection.

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What are Smart Villages?

Dr. John was the first who launched the initiative for smart villages. They found that over one billion people are lacking basic facilities such as electricity, on the other hand, three billion people still rely on the worthless biomass-fueled range for their cooking and heating requirements.

The United Nations adopted this concept for smart villages through Sustainable Energy for All (SE4All) program that confirms the shortage of electricity access and aims to attain universal electricity access by 2030. This goal has been included as the 7th main objective in the 17th Sustainable Development Goals by United Nations. 

European Network for Rural Development said, “Smart Villages refer to rural communities that utilize innovative approaches to enhance their ability to withstand challenges, while also capitalizing on local assets and possibilities. They rely on a cooperative approach to design and execute their plan to improve their economic, social, and environmental conditions, in particular by mobilizing solutions offered by digital technologies.”

Smart Villages in Pakistan

The MoiTT has recently launched the ‘Gokina Smart Village Project’, which is the first smart village in the Asia Pacific region.

The smart village will highlight the critical issues in where education, healthcare, financial and digital services. It aims to transform development through the use of innovative technologies. 

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Benefits of Living in Smart Villages

Here are the benefits of living in smart villages presented in bullet points:

  • It improves the access to basic needs such as healthcare, education, and energy
  • It encourages renewable energy sources for a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle.
  • Economic growth promotion and development by creating new employment possibilities and encouraging entrepreneurship
  • Fostering a sense of community and collaboration
  • Improved social connectivity and quality of life for residents in rural areas.


In conclusion, smart villages are a smart initiative for rural development in Pakistan. It offers a holistic and sustainable system for transforming rural areas. Smart villages can create a prosperous future.