Upgrade Your Lifestyle with Park View City Islamabad

Islamabad is famous for its real estate business. Many leading real estate companies are constructing housing schemes, and Park view city Islamabad is one of them. The unique features of construction and providing facilities are excellent. Your first visit will not let you leave the location and lose your plot.

24/7 Foolproof Security

Park view city, a gated society, has ensured foolproof security for its residents. Trained Guards are available around the clock at the entrance and exit points of the society. In addition, CCTV cameras have been installed in different locations to monitor any unusual movement through the CCTV control room. So enjoy your life with peace of mind and feel free to move anywhere in society.

Non-stop Provision of Utility at Park View City Islamabad

The location of Park View City Islamabad has been chosen after ensuring plenty of subsoil water. Thus, water availability is no longer an issue for the residents of Park view city Islamabad. Being the approved society of CDA, there would be no problem with gas connections as and when required for the residents. Credit goes to Park view city Islamabad to be the owner of its power generation, and underground and uninterrupted electricity will be supplied to house owners.

Recreation at Park View City Islamabad

The day-long busy schedule demands some moments of entertainment and enjoyment with your friends and family have arrived at your home. Park View City Islamabad has given a lot of room for joy in its master plan and blueprint for everyone. Residents of the park view city can enjoy walking and jogging on walking tracks where youngsters and players can move to the gymnasium. Children with their family members can go to family parks to relax. Above all, it has been a peculiarity of Park view city Islamabad to organize a happy New Year’s night every year and arranges musical shows and festivals at different events.

Sports and games at Park view City Islamabad.

Nobody can imagine any housing scheme without the facility of games and sports for youth and children of society residents. Park view city Islamabad has paid special attention to the construction of playgrounds, golf clubs, and indoor games where players can improve their level of performance.

Waste Management at Park View city Islamabad

After supplying water to the residents in Islamabad, the second major problem is proper waste management that makes your lifestyle hygienic and healthy. Park view city Islamabad has a proper and substantial underground waste management system that ensures the disposal of the used and contaminated water throughout the society.

Get Your Plot in Park View City Islamabad

The prices offered in Park View city Islamabad is introductory and will be available on a 2-year easy installment. To book your plot contact Anzo Marketing with the following documents.

  • Copy of your CNIC
  • Copy of your CNIC of your next to kin
  • Two passport size photographs

The investment in this block is the most valuable and fruitful at this time. The plots are available at the lowest prices, and the development scope is immense. Therefore, if you are looking to invest your savings in a secure place that will provide you with a safe environment for your loved ones, then Overseas Block in Park View City is the most suitable for you.


Park view city is one of the leading projects providing homes in real estate in Islamabad. It’s easy to access, has a beautiful location, affordable cost, and a wide range of investments for investors, and CDA, approved society guarantees safe investment with good returns.

For instance, you are looking for more information or want to book a plot in a Blue World City or any other society like Nova City Islamabad. In that case, Anzo Marketing can help you with all the processes and queries about present housing societies across the country. So do not hesitate and feel free to ask Anzo Marketing anything.

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