4 Reasons: Why Pakistan Needs Micro Apartments?

Micro-apartments, also known as “micro-units” or flats,” are small apartments that typically range from 250 to 400 square feet. In recent years, there has been a growing demand for these types of living spaces in cities around the world, including Pakistan. ANZO Marketing your reliable investment partner designed a quick guide for you to know why Pakistan needs Micro Apartments, so read out the entire blog.

Population Growth and Urbanization

One of the main reasons for the need for micro-apartments in Pakistan is the country’s rapidly growing population which causes a rapid increase in urban housing in Pakistan. According to the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, the population of Pakistan is projected to reach over 300 million by 2050. This population growth, coupled with urbanization, has led to a shortage of affordable housing in many of the country’s major cities. Micro-apartments are seen as a solution to this problem, as they are smaller and therefore less expensive than traditional apartments. LaMaison developers are also observing this scenario, so they take the initiative to build apartments in their housing society called La Maison Downtown Islamabad

Changing Demographic

Another reason for the need for micro-apartments in Pakistan is the country’s changing demographic. More and more young professionals are moving to the cities in search of better job opportunities, and many of them are looking for affordable and convenient housing options. Micro-apartments are seen as an ideal solution for this demographic, as they are typically located in more central areas of the city and are easy to maintain. Additionally, the trend of downsizing is also increasing among the older population who don’t want to maintain larger homes and want to live in a more convenient and maintenance-free environment.

Environmental Benefits

There are also environmental benefits to micro-apartments. They take up less space, which can help reduce urban sprawl and encourage more sustainable living. Furthermore, they are often designed with energy-efficient features such as high-efficiency lighting and appliances, which can help reduce energy costs for residents. In addition, it reduces the chances to cut trees.

Concerns and Challenges

Despite the clear benefits, there are also some concerns about micro-apartments. Some critics argue that they are too small to be livable and that they do not provide enough privacy. However, with proper planning and design, these concerns can be addressed.


Overall, the need for micro-apartments in Pakistan is driven by a combination of population growth, urbanization, changing demographics, and the need for affordable and sustainable housing. With the right approach, micro-apartments can play an essential role in addressing Pakistan’s housing needs.

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