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Park view city Islamabad is a state of the art, and a CDA-approved society located at a very beautiful hilly location. It’s a 10-minute drive from Serena Hotel, Islamabad. It has the most attractive residential plan, constituting various commercial and residential blocks. This project is being proceeded by Vision group in zone IV. The housing society consists of a 400 ft. wide Main Boulevard which provides direct access from the highway into the society, access via Kurri Road and Banigala is also a convenient way for people planning to visit.


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    Park View City Islamabad Owners & Developers

    Park View City is designed with modern architecture and technology, Park View is a project of Vision Group, the Park View housing scheme has become one of the most sought societies in Islamabad. The owner of Park View City Islamabad is a renowned politician and real estate giant “Mr. Aleem Khan,” who also owns Vision group and Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation. Park View Islamabad is the first real estate project of Vision Group in Islamabad.

    Vision Group

    Vision Group was established in 2012, and it has successfully completed a lot of projects. In just 8 years, Vision Group has proved to be one of the most trained group in the real estate sector. It has flourished to build a name in Pakistan and today investors see it as a reliable real estate company.

    Park View City Islamabad Location

    Park View City Islamabad located at the most prime location containing the iconic and wonderful views of Margalla Hills and green areas, it is located on the Malot Road. PVC Islamabad is located right opposite the fully plan developed housing society Bahria Enclave and lies adjacent to the CDA commissioned Park Enclave.

    Projects of Vision Group

    The Vision Group has skillfully mastered a couple of projects with great expertise in architecture and design. Following are a number of extraordinary projects by the Vision Group.

    Park View City Islamabad NOC

    Park View City Islamabad is one of the few housing societies that acquire the NO Objection Certificate from the Capital Development Authority (CDA).
    The clearance of the NOC is important for every housing project. The housing society not only has an authorized NOC but also holds CDA-certified documents. 

    For example, as the cars with a Federal Capital license plate have a different vibe, so do the housing societies with CDA certification. When a housing society grab the NOC, residents can enjoy uninteruppted services. In addition, it leads to higher satisfaction to the residents of the society.


    Park View City Islamabad Master Plan

    The Vision Group owns this project. The goal of Vision Group is to introduce modern technology, infrastructure, and architecture to develop a society that stands out among other societies in the twin cities. A well-known politician, Mr. Aleem Khan is the owner of Vision Group. Park View City is the first project by Vision Group in the capital city.

    park view city islamabad master plan

    Access Roads

    The main access to Park View City Islamabad is from the Rawal Road. Second access is from Bhara Kahu via gate two of Park View City Islamabad. Another access is via the 200 ft. wide Kurri Road. As soon as you enter the main gate of the society, on the first roundabout at the right side, there is a commercial zone known as the Downtown. Downtown is built on an area of 1000 kanals. It is being constructed while maintaining an International level.

    Park View City Islambad Location & Total Area

    Whenever people talk about investment, their major concern is location because it’s one important factor that will determine the future return on investments. Mostly in real estate investments, location matters the most.b Park View City Islamabad is situated at an ideal location on almost 7000 Kanal, covered with hills on one side and botanical gardens on the other. The best thing about this location is that it is not located in a town, but it’s a little far from the city’s population. It is a 10 to 15 minutes’ drive from Faizabad. The breathtaking views and a natural lifestyle away from the city population will give the best living experience. The beauty of this society will definitely leave you speechless once you visit it.

    Major Institutions Near Park View City

    • Comsats
    • Iqra University
    • Islamabad Club is on a 10-minute drive from Park View City Islamabad
    • Pak-China Friendship Center is very near to Park view City.
    • The National School
    • Rawal Dam is very near, therefore, the underground water table level is very good. There will be no water issue.

    Major Government Institutions Near Park View City

    • NIH
    • NCRD
    • N.A.R.C ( National Agriculture Research Center)
    • Bani Gala Police Station

    Block of Park View City Islamabad

    Park View City Islamabad consists of several blocks that are the following;

    • Park View City A&B Block
    • Park View City Overseas Block
    • Park View City Commerical Block
    • Park View City Commercial Overseas Block
    • Park View City Golf Estate
    • Park View City The Walk
    • Park View City Downtown

    Park View City Islamabad Overseas Block

    Park View City Islamabad Overseas Block contains 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal residential plot to cater to the ex-pats. We all know that every society builds an overseas block to provide amenities and features at international standards.

    The concerned authorities have not revealed the Park View Society Overseas Block location. But according to the sources, it will be announced on 15 July 2022. In addition, it will be situated near the gate, close to the PVC commercial block.

    The PVC Islamabad overseas block will have all the facilities, including health, entertainment, and educational institutes, for visitors through a separate gate.

    Furthermore, the residents of this block will get a 25% discount on medical and educational charges. The overseas block will also provide Free WI-FI across the area.

    Development Status in PVC Overseas Block

    In Park View City, Islamabad, the balloting for Overseas Block was held on August 12, 2022. The balloting event took place at the site of PVC Islamabad. The plots were finalized after meeting the eligibility and completing the dues. 

    Famous personalities like Shahid Khan Afridi and Wasim Akram, along with the authorized partners and dealers of Park View City and hundreds of other people, attended the balloting event. Various plots of 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal were included in this balloting and were assigned numbers. 

    The procedure of balloting was computerized, and a fair process took place. It benefitted the people who had cleared their dues on time. The assigned plot number and the official documents will be sent to the concerned people shortly.

    Park View City Islamabad Golf Estate

    Park View City Islamabad Golf Estate is the newly launched grand community within Park View City after the success of other blocks. This outstanding development will be constructed in the heart of Park View City Islamabad. The Golf Estate is being developed as a lavish green residential community with a 9-hole golf course at an international standard.

    Golf Estate of PVC Islamabad is the best place for those who want to invest in those areas where they can enjoy living life with high-end amenities, comfort, and luxury. Golf Estate is located at the place where you can easily access Bahria Town via the 2nd entrance of Islamabad Park View City. Furthermore, a Golf Estate master plan has not been disclosed by the management of Park View City.

    Golf estate has 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal plots in the initial launching of the affordable payment plan, which is a big opportunity for the investor community. PVC Golf Estate residential plots are available for booking; you can book your plots at a 25% down payment via Anzo Marketing g – a reliable real estate investment partner in Islamabad. Furthermore, as per the Golf Estate installment plan, the remaining amount can quickly be paid in easy 8 quarterly installments.

    Park View City Hills Estate

    Park View City Islamabad is launching a new block after the successful balloting of Overseas Block and map revealing of J Block. The serene location of Hills Estate will attract investors. Park View City Hills Estate will be covered with the attractive hills of Margalla and Murree. The residents of this block will get the feeling of living closer to nature. The views and surroundings will let you explore the true beauty of Pakistan. Having a home at Hills Estate will be like your dream coming true. We will update our page as soon we get the complete information about Park View City Hills Estate

    Park View City Terrace C Block

    Park View City offers plots in the Residential area, the plots are available at meager rates. Apartments with terraces are also available in the Terrace C Block, adding to the beauty and style of the block. Residential plots of 10 Marlas are available in C Block.

    Terrace Apartments Park View City Islamabad

    Park View City announced Terrace Apartments in Feb 2023. You can experience luxury living at its finest with ParkView City’s 2 and 3 Bed Luxury Terrace apartments. It is designed with a sophisticated style and equipped with modern amenities, these homes are the representation of radiant living.
    Each apartment boasts spacious and airy interiors, elegantly designed with a focus on comfort and practicality. The luxurious finishes and attention to detail in every room will leave you feeling pampered and relaxed in your home. Moreover, The terrace apartments offer a stunning view of the bustling commercial downtown.
    First time in the history of Islamabad, that grey plus structure is ready to welcome the purchasers. Moreover, the Terrace apartments of ParkView City will be fully furnished and well-designed according to the standards.

    Park View City A & B Blocks

    Plots of different sizes ranging from 5 marlas, 10 marlas, and 1 Kanal are available in blocks A and B. All these plots are residential in nature. 

    Park View Block H

    It contain different sizes such as 5 marls, 10 marlas, and 1 Kanal residential plots that are available at very low rates in H Block. 

    The Walk and Commercial-Downtown

    Commercial activities are of primary importance for any housing society. The Center of such activities apart from shopping malls is created in Park City View Commercial-Downtown. The Walk plots of 1 Kanal and others of 5 Marlas and 10 Marlas are available. 

    Residential Plot Sizes

    • 5 Marla (26”x 50”)
    • 8 Marla (30”x60”)
    • 10 Marla (35”x70”)
    • 1 Kanal (50”x90”)
    • 2 Kanal (75”x120”)

    Commercial Plot Sizes

    • 6 Marla (35”x40”)
    • 8 Marla (40”x45”)

    Park View City has proposed a 2 year installment plan on the above plot sizes. The booking on these plot sizes is being done by 20% down payment, and the rest amount can be paid via the 2 year installment plan following 8 equal quarterly installments.

    Category Plots

    People who want to have category plots are required to pay 10% extra to enjoy residence in corner plots, park facing plots, or plots placed at the main Boulevard of the society.

    Discounted Price

    The society has also proposed a discount offer for people who want to purchase the plot by paying full amount. To avail the discount, you will have to buy the plot on full payment by paying the total amount all at once at the time of purchase. This way you won’t be able to benefit from the installment plan, but you will enjoy a 5% discount on booking.

    Park View City Islamabad Payment Plan 2023

    Park View Housing Society Islamabad holds around 7000 Kanals of land. It offers plots of different categories and sizes. Park View City Islamabad payment plans offered by the society are reasonable, and the investors can invest according to their budget and feasibility. There are different blocks divided on the bases of being residential and commercial areas.

    Affordable and reasonable payment and installment plans are being offered at Anzo Marketing. We offer easy payment plans for different plot categories according to your budget. The plots available at this time are of sizes 5 Marla, 8 Marla, 10 Marla, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal.

    The residential plots of 5 Marla, 8 Marla, and 1 Kanal are available in the Park View City Overseas Block and Park View City Golf Estate. The booking starts at 25% in both blocks. In the Golf Estate block, an amount of Rs 7,500 will be charged for 5 Marla plots, Rs 15,000 for 10 Marla plots, and that of 1 Kanal plot will be Rs 25,000. Moreover, the buyers would be granted a discount of 5% on a lump-sum amount of the payment.
    In the commercial blocks, 5 Marla plots are available in the Park View Overseas Commercial Block with an advance payment of 25 %, 8 Marla (40*45) commercial plots in the Commercial Downtown are available at the same advance payment, and 1 Kanal plots are available in The Walk with an advance payment of 20%. On paying a lump-sum amount, a discount of 5% will be offered to the buyers.
    All the plots in all the above-mentioned blocks are available on easy 8 quarterly installment plans except the Downtown block, where the blocks are available on 6 quarterly installment plans.

    An extra amount of 10% will be charged for each category if you want to buy a corner plot or a plot facing the park.

    Park View City Overseas Block Payment Plan


    Park View City Golf Estate Payment Plan


    PVC Overseas Commercial Payment Plan


    PVC The Walk Payment Plan


    Park View City Downtown Payment Plan


    Points to Ponder Before Buying a Plot in Park View City

    Verifying the Legal Documents

    It is always important to cross-check the necessary documents required to buy any property. The legal documents of the housing society such as NOC (No Objection Certificate) and others should be checked beforehand to avoid any fraud or scam. 

    Finances Should be Checked Before

    When you decide to buy any property, you should make a proper financial plan according to your affordability. In this way, it will be easy for you to make the installments and pay other fees such as transfer fee or survey fee. 

    Surveys and Site Visits

    In order to make sure that your investment is in safe hands you need to visit the site before time. This will help you in gaining knowledge about the location and in making future decisions. You should only finalize your deal when you are completely satisfied.

    Park View City Development Updates

    Park view has announced several good news regarding development in different blocks, which has boosted interest for the people, not only in Pakistan but also for overseas residences.
    Possession of J-BLOCK
    Another good news is that Park View City will announce J-block and Overseas Block possession soon.

    Map Revealing of Overseas Block

    Map Revealing of first 1000 plots soon in Overseas block of Park View City. Moreover, Commercial will soon be constructed in the overseas block, So the people who don’t have enough capital to do investment in Commercial downtown and want to invest in commercial plots this is the perfect time to grab the opportunity because in Commercial downtown, the plots have already booked and soled. Big news for the Overseas Pakistanis to be ready for the new chance of profitable investment in Park View City Islamabad.

    Why invest in Park View City Islamabad?

    Different investors value different features when they invest in housing societies. These reasons include the amenities provided, the payment plan, the location of the society, NOC, and other such factors. All these factors can be found in Park View City Islamabad. The amenities such as the provision of basic needs, free health and education facilities, a secure environment, commercial hubs, parks, cinemas, underground electricity supply, and shopping malls are made available in Park View City Islamabad. All these facilities and amenities promise a standard and quality lifestyle to the residents and in this way attract investors to invest in it. 

    The location of Park View City Islamabad is also one of the major reasons that make it possible for people to invest in this housing society. It is a 10-minute drive from Serena Hotel. It is located a little far from the city near the hills and botanical gardens. It is a 10-15 minute drive from Faizabad. It can be easily accessed from Rawal Road, Bara Kahu, and Kurri Road. 

    Park View City Islamabad has acquired its NOC from CDA (Capital Development Authority) which enhances the chances of investment in society. As the housing society has gained NOC approval, people feel safe in investing and buying property. This also makes it more trustworthy and people invest to build their dream homes and live their standard life in this housing society. 

    The infrastructure of the society is based on international design accommodating the spaces in a useful way. It is eco-friendly and the 24/7 security system attracts investors to invest in Park View City Islamabad. 

    Features And Amenities

    The vision of this society is very big. The developers are planning to construct something big. It is an incredible housing society with fascinating views and unequaled beauty, offering a countless numbers of facilities for residents. The construction of each block is in progress with a goal of developing a society that will stand out among other societies in every aspect. The construction and development is ongoing with a vision to build a society that not only provides a quality of life, but also offers a peace of mind.a


    The developers of Park View City do recognize the importance of our religious values, and therefore, there is also an inclusion of mosque in the development plan of Park View City. Development work for Masjid on a land area of 3 to 4 Kanal is in progress


    Hospital is one of the most basic facilities every society should have. Park View City Islamabad will specifically build a hospital to enhance the quality of health in society. It will be constructed using present-day technology and modern equipment to maintain a healthy environment.

    Gated Community

    Park View City is a completely gated society with a boundary wall that covers every side of the society. The corner close to the national forest area has been fenced to enhance the overall society.

    Zoo And Parks

    The development plan of Park View City does consider inclusion of zoos and parks that will serve as a major source of fun and enjoyment for residents as well as visitors.

    Commercial Walk

    Park View City Islamabad will have a commercial walk zone that will encourage people to walk by feet. It will not promote driveways.

    Imax Cinemas

    Cinemas are a great way to rest up for a while. In today’s 21st century, no housing project is ever complete without cinemas. Therefore, they will develop IMAX Cinemas along with 3D technology that will leave you with an incredible cinematic experience.

    Commercial Walk

    Park View City Islamabad will have a commercial walk zone that will encourage people to walk by feet. It will not promote driveways. Including top brand names in the retail sector will look after you in every possible way while leaving you with the most amazing and comfortable shopping experience.

    Imax Cinemas

    Cinemas are a great way to rest up for a while. In today’s 21st century, no housing project is ever complete without cinemas. The developers of Park View City gave equal importance to entertainment as they did to luxury. Therefore, they will develop IMAX Cinemas along with 3D technology that will leave you with an incredible cinematic experience.


    The development of International standard educational institutions is under progress and are soon to be developed. Park View City developers have planned to construct schools in proximity to all residential blocks so that it adds to the convenience of residents of every block. It is ensured that schools are located at a minimum distance from every block.

    24/7 Electricity, Gas, And Water

    All basic utilities will be provided to all areas of the society at all times. Park View City has an edge over other societies located in twin cities due to the availability of natural resources

    Modern Infrastructure And Elegant Housing Plan

    Being surrounded by the natural greenery and botanical gardens, Park View City will surely be one of the best residence in the future. Present day architecture, high rise buildings, and futuristic infrastructure will definitely enhance the overall beauty of this mega housing project.

    Underground Supply Of Electricity

    Along with underground water supply, there is an underground electricity supply system as well. The electric supply is therefore planned to be underground for controlling the power outages. The installation of underground wires enhances the safety levels of society.

    Club And Community Center

    The development of club and community center in the Park View City is also included in the plan. These clubs and community centers will provide the residents with an amazing opportunity of enjoying a number of sports (both indoors as well outdoors) while staying inside the premises of society.

    24/7 Surveillance

    For the developers of Park View City, security of residents is a topmost priority. Without security, no society can enjoy a peaceful life. For this purpose, a complete network of CCTV cameras and security systems have been installed to enhance safety levels. Park View City will have its own security agency.

    Botanical Gardens

    The most amazing feature of Park View City is the Botanical Gardens. This is what helps Park View City in attaining an edge over the other societies. Other than amplifying the natural beauty of this society, botanical gardens will also strengthen the soil fertility. Due to the natural greenery, there will be nurseries along with green houses to enhance the growth and cultivation of plants in the society. Another great thing about this society is the availability of organic fruits and vegetables to promote a healthy lifestyle

    Park View City Apartments

    Park View City Apartments will aid in giving a modern look to the society. Not just that, it will also make the quality of life better. Park View City Apartments will include gym, spas, swimming pools, super markets, and every possible facility to make this society a lot more convenient for the residents.

    You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers

    We build effective strategies to help you reach customers and prospects across the entire web.

    La Maison Downtown is a Luxury housing society located in heart of the Islamabad. Developing La Maison Developers.

    The project is strategically located at G.T. Road, a 1.5km distance from Kashmir Highway and a 5-minute drive from the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway. Moreover, it is the nearest housing society to Blue Area and couple miles from Islamabad International Airport. Furthermore, the project is located opposite the G15 sector.

    Dr. Syed Omar Farooq is the owner of LaMaison Downtown and the developers of LaMaison Downtown is LaMaison Developers. This is also a project of Vision Group.

    Park View City Islamabad has acquired its NOC (No Objection Certificate) from CDA. PVC Islamabad is legal because of its legal documents. 

    The residential plots of the following sizes are available,

    • 5 Marla
    • 8 Marla
    • 10 Marla
    • 1 Kanal
    • 2 Kanal

    The commercial plots are available in the following sizes,

    • 6 Marla
    • 8 Marla

    An installment plan of 2 years is being offered by PVC Islamabad for the ease of the investors. 

    The possession of the blocks that are being developed has already been given to the investors while the others will be given possession after balloting. 

    PVC Islamabad promises to provide all the basic amenities such as water, gas, electricity, education, health, strong surveillance, botanical gardens, shopping malls, and many more. 

    PVC Islamabad is a modern and up-to-the-mark housing society that is providing great opportunities for investors in the short term. As the development is progressing at a high speed, the ROI will be unmatched after the completion of the project. 

    After the clearance of all the dues, the plot will be transferred to your name in a few days. 

    It is a great chance for Overseas Pakistanis to book a plot in Park View City Islamabad. Anzo Marketing is a reliable investment partner for people living abroad where they can book a plot while sitting at home. 

    The procedure of transferring of plot in PVC Islamabad is not in the traditional way through the registry method. You have to visit the office of Park View City Islamabad in the Blue Area for this purpose. The file will be transferred with complete clarity and transparency. 

    The location of the society is very important moreover, PVC Islamabad is also NOC approved by CDA which makes it highly priced as compared to other housing societies in the city. 

    In order to book your plot in Park View City Islamabad, you can visit our office, Anzo Marketing in Blue Area Islamabad, or call us at 0331 1111080.    


    Park View City Islamabad is a great opportunity for investors in the near future. It is being launched in Islamabad offering quality and high standard lifestyle to the residents as well as the investors. State of the art location of this housing society adds more worth to Park View City Islamabad as it is providing a serene environment to the residents of society. The NOC is approved by CDA which makes the investment in safe and trustworthy hands. The legality of Park View City Islamabad cannot be questioned. If you are interested in investing in other housing societies like Blue World City, Prime Valley, or NOVA City, visit the main office of Anzo Marketing located in the Blue Area Islamabad near D-Chowk. 

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