Park View City Lahore

Overview Of Park View City Lahore

Park View City Lahore is yet another successful real estate venture by the Vision Developers. PVC Lahore is a modern-day housing society with all basic and upgraded facilities. 

The developers of this society have been very successful in Park View City Islamabad as well. However, the most attractive feature of PVC Lahore is its location. It is located at the supreme location of Lahore city. Furthermore, it is also easily accessible via Thokar Niaz Baig Interchange. Lahore Park View was inaugurated back in 2012 and was named “Park View Villas.”

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    Within no time, society was able to capture many customers because of the location and other factors. The society is now known as Park View Housing Society Lahore and is currently spread over a large area of 7000 Kanal land. More area is being acquired to be added to the master plan of the society.

     The owners and developers of this present-day housing society have planned to introduce every modern technology and facility for its residents. The development work for a couple of blocks is already complete, and the remaining blocks are under development. Around 5000 families are already residing in the society, and the number eventually grows. The fast-paced development using modern technology make this society a exceptional housing venture and an excellent investment opportunity.

    Park View City Lahore NOC Status

    Park View City Lahore NOC has already been approved by the concerned authorities, such as LDA (Lahore Development Authority). It means society is making it even more appealing in terms of investment. All other legal documentation of this society is also clear by all departments of the Government. Society has earned a lot of fame and will earn more names in the future because of its legal status. Park View Lahore is a NOC-approved society, making it a reliable investment opportunity for investors. Investors put their utmost trust in society because all paperwork is clear, and residents reside in the developed blocks of the society.

    The Vision Group

    Park View City Lahore, a modern-day housing venture, is a project of the Vision Group, one of the biggest names in the real estate industry. The Vision Group owns this project. The goal of Vision Group is to introduce modern technology, infrastructure, and architecture to develop a society that stands out among other societies in the twin cities. The owner of Vision Group is Mr. Aleem Khan, a renowned politician and elected as MPA of the Punjab Assembly. Park View City Islamabad was the first real estate project by Vision Group in the capital city.

    Vision Group was established in 2012, and it has completed a lot of projects. In just 8 years, Vision Group has proved to be one of the most trained groups in the real estate sector. It has flourished to build a name in Pakistan, and today, investors see it as a reliable real estate company. Park View by Vision Group is an invention striving for ceiling heights, being an extraordinary housing project Park View City Islamabad in the capital city. The company aims to build a luxurious living standard through modern functionality in their project.

    Park View Villas Lahore

    The society was previously declared as “Park View Villas Lahore” back in 2007. However, since this project’s owners have successfully acquired more land, they renamed the housing society as Park View City Lahore as per approval of the Lahore Development Authority (LDA). In 2007, the society was made using the most delicate infrastructure that DHA acquired some part of Park View villas to develop DHA Phase 8 Lahore.

    Park View Villas Lahore is a spectacular housing project spread over a large area of land, which has been further categorized into various blocks. Every block of this mega society aims to maintain a quality lifestyle for the enjoyment of its residents. Each block has been designed keeping in view the comfort of its residents. The development work for a few blocks is complete, and people are already living in those blocks, enjoying a high standard of living. As the name illustrates, Park View Villas Lahore consists of various parks and greenery. This amazing housing society has every facility and amenities such as education, health, food, shopping, etc., along with exquisitely designed luxurious villas. Moreover, these villas are available at quite reasonable prices compared to other properties in the neighboring societies. Because of being located in the ideal location, this society is a fantastic choice for living and investment purposes.

    Park View City Lahore Location

    Whenever an investor gives thought to investment, the end-user thinks about building a home, and a businessman wants to invest somewhere. The first and foremost thing that clicks everyone’s mind is the location. Park View City Lahore is located at a very prime location. Location is one important factor that highly impacts the return on investment. Whenever someone wants to invest in the real estate sector, the first thing that gets into their minds is the location. In other words, the fame and failure of any society somehow depend on the location.

    Park View City Lahore is located at a wonderful location and is surrounded by many other societies. However, none of it stands anywhere near Park View Lahore in terms of amenities and the comfort of life it provides. The main access to the society is via the main Multan Road near Thokar Niaz Baig Interchange. Being located on the Multan Road, the society grants easy access to various areas of Lahore via the main GT Road. On the other hand, the Thokar Niaz Baig Interchange makes it an easy approach to the Lahore International Airport, Ring Road, and other city sectors. Lahore Park View city has a land holding of around 4000 Kanal land. However, the owners and developers of this modern-day society have been striving to acquire more land to be included in the society’s master plan. There’s a commercial hub at the first roundabout of the society, with a beautiful fountain.

    Excellent Investment Opportunity

    Park View City Lahore is an excellent investment opportunity for so many reasons.

    • Firstly, it’s No Objection Certificate (NOC) and all other legal documentations are clear from the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) and other government institutions.
    • Secondly, location is another important factor that promises a higher return on investment.
    • Thirdly, what attracts customers and investors the most is that the society is already developed, and has an active population of residents.

    Park View City Lahore Plots for Sale

    Park View Lahore is offering residential and commercial plots in the society’s blocks. The residential plot sizes being offered by the society are:

    • 3.5 Marla category plots
    • 5 Marla category plots
    • 10 Marla category plots
    • 1 Kanal category plots
    • 2 Kanal category plots

    Park View City Lahore Blocks

    Park View City Lahore, an affordable, stylish, and promising housing project, is ideal for people who desire to reside in Lahore’s city of gardens.

    Many blocks in the society are developed and many are near to getting developed. The blocks that have been developed are already populated. Moreover, if anyone is interested in purchasing property in the developed blocks of Lahore Park View will have to pay the full price of the plot. Furthermore, various payment plans offer 3.5 Marla, 5 Marla, and 10 Marla residential plots. 

    PVC Lahore Blocks List;

    Plots being offered on easy installment Park View City Lahore plots plans are available in the following blocks;

    • Diamond Block
    • Gold Block
    • Platinum Block
    • Overseas Block
    • Orchard Block
    • Tulip Block
    • Topaz Block
    • PVC Lahore Broadway commercial
    • Crystal Block
    • The Walk
    • Executive Block
    • Rose Block
    • Platinum Block
    • Golf Estate
    • Park View City Lahore Silver Block

    The most recent addition to the society’s property inventory is Park View City Golf Estate. It’s a luxury residential complex with a variety of amenities and attractions. PVC Lahore Golf Estate began selling residential plots in two sizes at shockingly low prices.

    Park View City Lahore Overseas Commercial

    Overseas commercial developed by keeping in mind all of your commercial requirements, this block is the most famous in Park view Lahore. Commercials for sale are available on resale as all the properties are sold immediately because of the location and innovative development. 5 marla commercials are available at 25% downpayment and 8 quarterly installments.
    Click here to see the payment plan of Park View Lahore Overseas Commerical.

    Park View City Lahore Overseas Block

    As per the luxurious lifestyle of our Overseas Pakistanis, Park view Lahore is specifically designed to provide those facilities in this block that they enjoy in the foreign countries. Therefore, several plots are available at Park view city Lahore, such as 5 marlas, 10 marlas, and 1 Kanal at 25% of the down payment and 8 quarterly installments.

    Click here to see the payment plan of Park View Lahore Overseas Block.

    Park View City Lahore Pearl Block

    Many investors and luxury home buyers are taking great interest in the Pearl block of Park View City. The people’s interest is the high-end infrastructural development, ideal location, and availability of all the facilities and amenities. Therefore, buying a property in pearl block is a great choice to get the desirable lifestyle and best value for your money.

    Click here to see the payment plan of Park View Lahore Pearl Block.

    Park View City Lahore Golf Estate

    After the success in the other blocks of PVC, the Vision Group has launched another block name Park View Lahore Golf estate. This fantastic and sensational development is being made near the Topaz block of Park View City. This community is being developed as a grand, lavish residential community around an international standard 9-hole golf course.

    Click here to see the payment plan of Park View City Lahore Golf estate.

    Park View City Lahore Diamond Block

    The Diamond Block of Park View City Lahore is quite famous for its supreme location and infrastructure. But as per, the authorities now regard this block as sold. You can buy the Park View City Lahore Diamond Block plots from their first owners.

    The Diamond Block of Park View Lahore will be developed using high-class technology and at modern standards. The plots are categorized into two major categories. 

    1. 5 Marla 
    2. 10 Marla

    Park View City Lahore Gold Block

    The Park View Lahore gold block is the most popular block in the whole society. Most of the plots are already sold, and now anyone looking to buy a plot in PVC Lahore Gold Block can only buy on resale. The development work is already completed, and the residents are enjoying living their comfortable and luxurious lives in Park View Lahore.

    Park View City Lahore Silver Block

    Silver Block is another famous block launched by Park View Lahore. It is located in a prime location, which can be easily accessed. This enhances the worth of this block as well. This block is only about 5 minutes away from the M-2 Lahore-Islamabad and is located next to Multan Road. 

    It offers plots of different sizes in various categories, such as residential and commercial plots. The residential plots are of the following sizes:

    • 5 Marla
    • 10 Marla 
    • 1 Kanal

    The plots available in the commercial category are of the following sizes:

    • 5 Marla  

    The features and amenities offered by Park View City Lahore Silver Block are such that they are fulfilling the dream of living a standard and quality lifestyle. All the facilities of modern life, such as strict security, walking tracks, modern infrastructure, and underground utilities, along with the basic amenities of life, are being offered here.

    Park View City Lahore Platinum Block

    Park View City Lahore provides this premium block for its residents. Platinum Block offers up-to-the-mark facilities and amenities to the residents of the city. It gives a high standard and secure lifestyle to the residents. 

    Park View City Lahore Orchard Block

    In Orchard Block, Park View City Lahore offers plots of sizes 3.5 Marla in installments. These are residential plots with a variety of payment plans which fascinate the people who are looking for a property with low investment. 

    Park View Lahore Tulip Block

    Tulip Block is another premium block launched by Park View City Lahore for its residents. As the PVC Lahore aims to design this block on international infrastructure and build educational institutions in the block, it has attracted a large number of people towards it. This block has its access points from Diamond Block, Topaz Block, and Crystal Block adding to the value of this block. 

    Park View Lahore Topaz Block

    Park View City Lahore has launched a new block known as Topaz Block. It is offering residential plots of sizes 5 and 10 Marlas with luxurious and high-quality lifestyles to its residents. An extension of this block has been added next to the Topaz Block. This block has all the amenities and features of a standard and quality life that a resident can dream of. It is within a walking distance of the commercial hub and has access points from all the main blocks of Park View Lahore. 

    Park View City Lahore Crystal Block

    Park View City Lahore offers premium residential blocks among which Crystal Block is one. It offers plots of sizes 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal. Residents are provided with all the facilities from all the basic amenities to a top-class living style. 

    Park View Lahore Broadway Commercial

    PVC Lahore has launched the Broadway Commercial in order to promote trade and business in the housing societies. The whole society is planned to be considered as the center of commercial activities. The complete block has been dedicated to shops and malls. Plots of 5 Marla size are available in this block. It has been designed in such a way that the residents who are settled here and overseas, all are attracted towards it due to the world class facilities that it provides.  

    Park View City Lahore The Walk

    A luxurious block known as The Walk has been launched in the residential area. This block will be popular for the shopping experiences of international standards. This will be of great benefit in future as different plots are being made available. The sizes available at The Walk are of the size of 5 Marlas. 

    Park View Lahore Executive Block

    Park View City Lahore has initiated the Executive Block in the housing society. Its value lies in the location as it is next to the entrance of the society near the Platinum Block. The plots available are of 5 Marla. This is a 300 Kanal block that will provide the experience of international standards. The entrance is at the Ring Road which enhances its importance.  

    Park View City Lahore Premium Block

    Park View City Premium Block is an approved block of Park View City Lahore. It aims to provide all the basic necessities and luxuries to its residents. Moreover, it is a residential block where plots of different sizes are available at affordable prices. The sizes of the plots are as follows:

    • 5 Marla
    • 10 Marla

    Park View Lahore Rose Block

    While looking for a good location for investment, Rose Block of the PVC Lahore is another good option. Plots of different sizes like 5 Marla and 10 Marla are available in the Rose Block of the housing society. 

    PVC Lahore Overseas Block Down Payment

     Offerings for residential properties in this premier block range from 5 to 10 Marla. Shortly, new bargains for 1 and 2 Kanal plots will be launched. These plots are being offered at meager prices, and each one comes with a unique plot number.

    This is the most opulent and exclusive block, with a shopping mall, an indoor golf course, and much more. The Overseas Block was designed with the special needs of residents who have or are now residing abroad in mind.

    To reserve a plot in Overseas Block, only a 25% down payment is necessary.

    Park View City Lahore Payment Plan 2022

    Park View City Lahore is offering plots of different categories and sizes. The payment plans that are being offered by the society are reasonable, and the investors can invest according to their budget and feasibility. 

    Anzo Marketing offers affordable payment plans with easy and reasonable installment plans. There are different plans for different categories of the plots. 

    The 5 Marla plots are available at a down payment of 25% with eight quarterly installment plans. The 10 Marla and 1 Kanal plots are also available at a down payment of 25% with the same installment plan mentioned above. The membership fee for 5 Marla plots in Golf Estate will be Rs 7,500, and that of 10 marla plots will be Rs 15,000. Moreover, a 5% discount will be offered on the payment of the lump-sum amount. 

    If you want to buy a plot facing the park or a corner plot, you will be charged a 10% extra amount on each category. 

    Click below to see the Park View City Lahore Payment Plan 2022.

    Park View City Overseas Commercial Payment Plan

    overseas-commercial-lahore-payment plan

    Park View City Lahore Overseas Block Payment Plan


    Park View Silver Block Payment Plan


    Park View City Pearl Block Payment Plan


    PVC Lahore Golf Estate Payment Plan

    golf-estate (1)

    Why invest in Park View City Lahore?

    Different investors value different features when they invest in housing societies. These reasons include the amenities provided, the payment plan, the location of the society, NOC, and other such factors. All these factors can be found in Park View City Lahore. The amenities such as the provision of basic needs, free health and education facilities, a secure environment, commercial hubs, parks, cinemas, underground electricity supply, and shopping malls are made available in Park View Lahore. All these facilities and amenities promise a standard and quality lifestyle to the residents and, in this way, attract investors to invest in it. 


    The location of Park View City Lahore is also one of the major reasons that make it possible for people to invest in this housing society. It can be easily accessed from Thokar Niaz Baig Interchange, which connects it to Lahore International Airport, Ring Road, and other city sectors. 


    Park View Lahore has acquired its NOC from LDA (Lahore Development Authority), which enhances the chances of investment in society. As the housing society has gained NOC approval, people feel safe in investing and buying property. This also makes it more trustworthy, and people invest in building their dream homes and living their standard life in this housing society.


    The infrastructure of the society is based on international design, accommodating the spaces in a useful way. It is eco-friendly, and the 24/7 security system attracts investors to invest in Park View Lahore.

    Payment Plan

    The payment plans of different blocks make it easy for the investors to invest in the block according to their affordability.

    Features And Amenities

    The villas in Park View Lahore offer an attractive interior with great detailing and plenty of space. The entire villa complex is surrounded by lush vegetation and stunning landscapes. Only 5% of the total land area is dedicated to parks and green spaces.


    For the entire community's center, a 22-Kanal central park is being developed. Within the community, there are also small parks ranging in size from 10 Marlas to 2 Kanal where residents can relax. All parks have a variety of rare vegetation, green trees, and unique flower varieties. For all ages, especially youngsters, there are play spaces, swings, walkways, and running path.

    Facility For Education

    Educational institutions will be developed to the highest possible standards, with highly qualified staff. The educational institution covers about 39,600 square feet of land, or 8.8 kanal. Students will have free access to nurses and daycare professionals through the university's nurse's room and daycare facilities.

    Load Shedding Free Zone

    This sumptuous house plan gives a guarantee for its tenants' comfort and convenience. They set up backup generators all over the place to prevent power disruptions.

    Community And Health Center

    In the neighborhood, an integrated community centre and health facility will be built to provide residents with the greatest medical treatment available. The health facility will have cutting-edge technology and equipment. The hospital will also have a full complement of doctors and nurses who are all qualified and skilled in providing care to patients. The proposed health centre site is 18 Kanal in size (hectares)

    Zone Commercial

    A business sector is located off the main road in Park View City Lahore. The main boulevard is 85 feet wide, with an additional space on the opposite side. A huge shopping mall with national and international brand names and retailers has been created to satisfy the needs of the populace. There are large atriums, elevators, and escalators in these shopping centres. Water fountains, food courts, IMAX theaters, and a children's play area are among the basic features.


    Because of the high-tech security procedures in place across the complex, this is a well-protected community. In the residential part, there is a security wall with only a few entryways. The entire area is equipped with cutting-edge security equipment and manned by a team of policemen who are well-versed in crime-fighting techniques. To keep the neighbourhood safe, security guards are stationed at various areas across the housing property. A network of CCTV cameras has also been installed across the region to keep an eye on everything. Here, your entire family will feel at peace.

    You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers

    Frequently Asked Question

    Park View City Lahore is an housing society that exclusively designed and constructed to offer a luxurious lifestyle at affordable costs. Their team of engineers, architects, and other staff have put their full efforts with years of experience and expertise into designing and developing this residential wonderland in the heart of Lahore.

    Lahore Development Authority eventually approved this housing society. Park View City Lahore has successfully acquired the NOC from LDA. Hence, it has no legal issues, and you can trust it while investing.

    Yes, because PVC Lahore has affordable installment plans for families and small investors. Hence, it increases the chance of a high return on investment.

    The main access to the society is via the main Multan Road near Thokar Niaz Baig Interchange. Being located on the Multan Road, the society grants easy access to various areas of Lahore via the main GT Road.

    The owner of Park View City Lahore is a renowned politician CEO. Vision Group is Mr. Aleem Khan.

    For booking a plot in the PVC Lahore, contact your reliable investment partner Anzo Marketing by visiting our office, or you can call us at this number “92 331 1111 080”.


    Park View City Lahore is a golden chance for investors who want to invest in real estate. This housing society is located in Lahore with an international design infrastructure and an eco-friendly environment. The prime location of Park View Lahore is another plus point of the society. Education and health facilities are being provided. The installment plans are easy and investors can invest according to their feasibility. If you are interested in investing in other housing societies like Blue World City, Prime Valley, or NOVA City, visit the main office of Anzo Marketing located in the Blue Area Islamabad near D-Chowk.

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