Prime Valley Islamabad


Prime Valley Islamabad is another emerging real estate housing project in the capital of Pakistan. Prime Valley offers the latest infrastructure, modern developments, and ideal facilities; which make this place a heart touching.

Prime Valley Islamabad is being developed under the supervision of the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme in the outskirts of Islamabad. The prime purpose of this residential project is to give investors and residents a high-quality lifestyle. It is a legal and government-approved housing society. The location of the Prime Valley is near Blue World City. This project is in the pre-launch phase, so they announced the pre-launched payment plan. 

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    Prime Valley Islamabad Owners & Developers

    As we have discussed above, the prime valley housing society is being developed under the supervision of the government. The Prime Valley Islamabad’s owners and developers are Mr. Abdul Wahid, CEO of Prime Institution Health Sciences (PIHS), who works in collaboration with the Govenment project Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme.
    The developers are actively working on designing a magnificent housing society that would be peaceful, attractive, and where you enjoy every moment of life. 

    Furthermore, they have a group of hardworking professionals who created the master plan for this mega project. The developers’ main aim is to offer residents a high standard of living and investing opportunities for investors in the future. Therefore, investing here will be more profitable in the future. The developers are also a part of other projects such as Kingdom Valley and Blue World City Islamabad.

    Prime Valley Islamabad Location & Map

    Location is the primary concern for real estate investors. Moreover, the location of Prime Valley touches Islamabad and Rawalpindi, which makes this residential scheme an attractive investment option for all investors who are residents of the twin cities. Furthermore, Prime Valley is located near Blue World City; it is linked by M2-Motorway connecting from the Chakri Interchange. Islamabad International Airport is another central location close to this site. Therefore, all the nearby locations manifest this residential society as highly approachable. The area of both commercial and residential plots is approximately 3500 kanals. 

    Prime Valley Islamabad NOC

    The no-objection certificate or NOC is the first question asked by all investors before investing in real estate. It gains the trust of investors to invest. Moreover, the developers want to get the confidence of the investors. However, this housing scheme has the approval of the Tehsil Municipal Administration Rawalpindi, and it is being developed under the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme. Therefore, every investment would be a safe investment. Moreover, this project comes under the Governmental housing scheme. Consequently, we can say that this residential society implies trust and safety for investors and future residents.

    Prime Valley Islamabad Master Plan

    The Prime Valley housing scheme is in its process. Moreover,  like several housing societies, Prime valley offers a complete master plan for the residentials to attain the best living standards. Therefore, there will be commercial and residential properties in the Prime Valley. And the best aspect about this society is its affordable prices. Thus,  people from all socioeconomic statuses can invest here. Details of the residential and commercial plot details are as follows.

    Prime Valley Residential Plots

    Prime Valley Residential Block will provide its residents with all necessary and modern conveniences. Plots of the following sizes are available here:

    Prime Valley Residential plots are available in:

    • 5 Marla
    • 10 Marla
    • 1 Kanal

    Prime Valley Commercial Plots

    Prime Valley Islamabad Commercial plots significantly impact all residential projects. Also, the investors can start a business according to their preferences and capacity. In addition, the prices will help the residents to choose any startup. And the plots available in the Prime Valley will be:

    • 3 Marla
    • 5 Marla
    • 7 Marla

    Prime Valley Islamabad Accessible Places

    The prime location of Prime Valley Islamabad attracts more investors to invest in the housing society. This society is easily accessible from different locations such as:

    • Located at Chakri Road
    • A 10-minute drive from Chakri Interchange
    • About 11 minutes drive from M-2 Motorway
    • About an 18-minute drive from Adiala Road
    • About 33-minute drive from Islamabad International Airport
    • About 35-minute drive from M-1 Motorway
    • About 35-minute drive from Srinagar Highway

    Prime Valley Islamabad Nearby and Landmark Places

    The landmark places near Prime Valley Islamabad that add more worth to the value of the society are as follows:

    • Islamabad International Airport
    • Rawalpindi Ring Road
    • DHA Islamabad
    • NOVA City
    • Blue World City
    • Capital Smart City
    • Mumtaz City

    Prime Valley Development Status

    The development of the society will be started soon to facilitate future residents and investors. Moreover, the master plan is planned on the desirable level of the residents, and it includes residential and commercial properties. Furthermore, highly professional architects and engineers are working on designing and developing the master plan of Prime Valley. And they are working efficiently to develop a magnificent real estate project. Most importantly, the housing society is a legal real estate project. Therefore, the development work will be accomplished within time than the other housing schemes. All these aspects signify that the investment in this project will be a long-term asset. To know more about the development and updates, do visit the official website of Anzo Marketing.

    Prime Valley Islamabad Payment Plan 2022

    Prime Valley Islamabad has different sizes and categories of plots that are available for sale. The payment plan of this society has made this place an ideal option for investors and residents.

    In addition, the prices of plots at Prime Valley are very much low and affordable. Currently, all categories of plots come with a flexible payment plan. As a result, Prime Valley has announced its pre-launched payment plan.

    The prices for 5 Marla plots are available at a downpayment of 1,26,000 Rs with 35 monthly and 10 quarterly installments; the total cost for 5 Marla is 11,25,000 Rs. Moreover, 10 Marla plots are available at a downpayment of 1,90,000 Rs, with the same monthly and quarterly installments mentioned above, and the total price is 19,00,000. Furthermore, 1 Kanal plots are available at a downpayment of 3,30,000 with 35 monthly and 10 quarterly installments; 1 Kanal total price is 33,00,000.

    Furthermore, if you are interested in single category plots, there will be different prices, like you have to pay 10% additional for the corner, park front, and open land to the west. In addition, for plots that are located on road facing, then there are surcharges of 5%.


    Facilities and Amenities in Prime Valley Islamabad

    Facilities are also what all residents find the most exciting aspect of investing here. Moreover, the fascinating facilities available here are as follows:

    Provision of all Basics

    Prime Valley provides all the basic needs such as water, electricity, and gas without any interruption to its residents.

    Free Education Facilities

    Education is one of the primary needs of any housing society. Prime valley aims to provide its residents with education free of cost. It also hopes to bring the campuses of top-class schooling systems to society.

    Free Health Facilities

    Prime valley plans to provide free health facilities to its residents. Health facilities are the basic needs for survival and this housing society aims to provide health facilities in every block of the society so that the residents do not face any difficulty in getting timely and better health care.

    Grand Mosque

    The housing society will build a grand mosque in the center of the society so that all residents can have easy access to the mosque.

    Business Hub

    The society aims to develop a business hub so that the residents can invest their capital and also attract investors and investments from outside the housing society.

    Secured Gated Community

    The protection and security of the residents of any society is the first and foremost concern of any society. The gated society with the surveillance of cameras promotes the concept of security for its residents.

    Eco-Friendly Environment

    Prime valley will promote an eco-friendly environment in order to play its role in a sustainable environment. It aims to build green belts and promote greenery in its society.

    Parking Areas

    Secure and wide parking areas will be built in the society in the commercial blocks as well as residential blocks.

    Malls and Shops

    Prime valley aims to give a safe environment to its residents for shopping and enjoying their time. Secure malls and shops will be built where the people will feel protected.

    Parks and Ground

    Prime valley plans to build recreational parks in society. This will give the residents an opportunity to enjoy their time with friends and families.

    High-Quality Infrastructure

    The framework and infrastructure of the society will be designed in such a way that will utilize the spaces in a useful manner.

    CCTV Cameras

    A 24/7 system of CCTV cameras will keep an eye on society for the security and protection of the residents. The residents will be secured and the criminals will be deterred due to this continuous surveillance.

    Why Invest in Prime Valley Islamabad?

    Different investors value different features when they invest in housing societies. These reasons include the amenities provided, the payment plan, the location of the society, NOC, and other such factors. All these factors can be found in Prime Valley Islamabad. The amenities such as the provision of basic needs, free health and education facilities, a secure environment, commercial hubs, parks, and shopping malls are made available in Prime Valley Islamabad. All these facilities and amenities promise a standard and quality lifestyle to the residents and, in this way, attract the investors to invest in it. The payment plan of the society is also very affordable and simple to follow so that a layman can easily invest in Prime Valley. The location of Prime Valley Islamabad is also one of the major reasons that make it possible for people to invest in this housing society. It is located on Chakri road, which connects it to Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and M-2 Motorway as well, which makes it easy to access. Prime Valley Islamabad has acquired its NOC from TMA Rawalpindi, which enhances the chances of investment in society. As the housing society has gained NOC approval, people feel safe in investing and buying property. Another reason for investment is the affiliation of Prime Valley Islamabad with the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme, which makes it more trustworthy, and people invest in building their dream homes and living their standard life in this housing society. The infrastructure of the society is based on international design, accommodating the spaces in a useful way. It is eco-friendly, and the 24/7 security system attracts investors to invest in Prime Valley. 

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    Prime Valley Islamabad is a Naya Pakistan Housing project developing under the supervision of Govt of Pakistan.

    Prime Valley is located near Blue World City, it is linked with two main avenues, Srinagar Highway and M2-Motorway, and Islamabad International Airport is another location close to this site.

    Prime Valley has the approval of the Tehsil Municipal Administration Rawalpindi, and it is being developed under the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme.

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    Prime Valley Islamabad will be a dream investment opportunity in the real estate market in the upcoming years. It is being developed near Islamabad to offer basic and luxurious facilities for the investors and the residents for the best living lifestyle at affordable prices. The location of the Prime Valley will increase and enhance the living standards of the residents. The housing society is one of the government housing schemes, which shows the legality and safe investment both. The residential and commercial plot rates are reasonable, and investors can feel free to invest here according to their financial status. If you are interested in investing in other housing societies like Blue World City, Park View City, or Nova City, visit Anzo Marketing main office located in the Blue Area Islamabad Near D-Chowk

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