Avalon City Islamabad


A new project launched in Islamabad known as Avalon City Islamabad is attracting investors towards it. This housing society has all the features of a top-class community, including prime location, reasonable prices, basic amenities, and all modern features required for everyday living.

Avalon City is unique in its way. The owners and developers are trustworthy and have already completed such projects successfully. Society focuses on modern technologies to provide its residents with an up-to-the-mark lifestyle.

The designers of Avalon City are also known for their quality work. The project is very affordable, and the people who cannot pay huge sums of the amount in installments can easily invest in Avalon City Islamabad.

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Avalon City Islamabad Owner and Developers

Avalon City Islamabad owner name is Mr. Imran Ismail. He is the former governor of the Sindh province. ZKB (Zahir Khan Brother) Developers are the developers of this housing project. They are well-known for their successful projects in real estate. Their work is always up-to-the-mark. They always deliver on time and never compromise on the quality of work.
Urban Solutions PVT LTD has designed Avalon City. This popular group also plans the architecture of society. The housing society’s owners, developers, and designers are trustworthy and have also launched other successful projects.

Avalon City Islamabad NOC

Avalon City Islamabad NOC status is still under consideration. It has not been approved yet. However, the required legal documents have been submitted to the concerned department. The approval of society is expected shortly.

Avalon City Islamabad Location

Location is the primary feature of any housing society. Avalon City Islamabad is attracting investors because of its prime location. Due to this ideal location, the investors are ready to invest in Avalon City. This housing society is located near Chakri Interchange, on the main Chakri Road. It is surrounded by other famous societies, thus enhancing the value of its location in the eyes of investors and buyers. 

Avalon City Islamabad Nearby Locations

There are famous landmarks near Avalon City Islamabad. They are as follows:

  • Islamabad International Airport
  • Capital Smart City Islamabad
  • Chakri Interchange
  • Blue World City Islamabad
  • Mivida City Islamabad
  • Chakri Interchange Ring Road Rawalpindi

Avalon City Islamabad Master Plan

Avalon City Islamabad is considered one of the best projects as it has introduced modern technology into the project. The facilities and amenities provided are up-to-the-mark according to international standards. 

Land of 5000 Kanal is attributed to this project. The developmental work is at its peak, and the project will soon be completed. Plots of various sizes such as 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal are available in the category of residential plots. 

The master plan of the society is to keep the society load-shedding free and incorporate parks, business centers, and gardens in Avalon City. Society has all the modern features enhancing the worth of the project.

Avalon City Islamabad Plots For Sale

There are a variety of plots available in Avalon City Islamabad that are available for sale. The plots in the residential category of the housing society are of the following sizes:

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Avalon City Islamabad Payment Plan 2022

Avalon City Islamabad offers plots of different sizes in different categories. The investors can invest according to their feasibility and affordability. 

Plots are available in different sizes, such as 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal. They are available at a down payment of 10%. The confirmation payment is also 10%. The membership fee for 5 Marla plots is Rs. 3000, 10 Marla plots is Rs. 5000, and 1 Kanal plot is Rs. 10,000. These plots are available in semi-annual installments and 36 monthly installments. A 5% discount is offered on lump-sum payments. 

All the mentioned terms are for non-category plots. 10% extra amount is charged on the plots that are facing the park or corner plots. The mentioned prices may change.

Avalon City Islamabad Payment Plan 2022

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Features and Amenities in Avalon City

Any society attracts residents and investors based on the features and amenities it aims to provide. Avalon City Islamabad is the first ever technology-based city in Pakistan. It has incorporated different modern technological innovations into society. Some of the significant features and amenities that attract investors are as follows:

Gated Community

The security and safety of residents are the foremost aims of Avalon City. Society is secure, and the gates have been installed to ensure the community's safety.

24/7 Security Surveillance

A security system of CCTV cameras will be installed in the society. They will keep an eye on the people 24/7, keeping the environment safe and secure.

Carpeted Roads

The roads in society will be open and wide. The traffic flow will not be disturbed, and it will be easy for the people to move around the housing society.

Provision of Basic Amenities

The basic requirements such as water, gas, and electricity will be provided without any hurdles. The control of the provision of these utilities will be automated, involving technology in the whole process.


For the entertainment of residents, cinemas will be installed in society. People will have space to spend and enjoy time with their friends and families.

Greenbelts and Streetlights

Avalon City Islamabad aims to build greenbelts in society and install streetlights all around the city. This will be environment friendly and add an aesthetic touch to Avalon City.


In order to fulfill the spiritual and religious needs of the residents, the society aims to build a large mosque. People can easily gather there for the Jummah prayer or Eid prayers.

Load Shedding Free Zone

Society will be made a load-shedding-free zone providing the people a quality life without any hurdles.

Electric Bikes, Metro Bus System

Another unique feature of Avalon City Islamabad is that it aims to introduce an electric metro bus system and electric bikes, which will be environmentally friendly and save the world from future threats.

Provision of Free Wifi

The residents of society will be provided free internet, which is a unique feature of this housing project.

Features and Amenities in Avalon City

Pros Cons
Well-known Owners and Developers
NOC Not Approved Yet
Prime Location
Slow Development Process
Easy Affordability
Provision of Basic Amenities
Modern Technological Society

Why Invest in Avalon City Islamabad?

Different people are attracted to different features of societies. The owners, location, payment plans, features and amenities, and NOC are all included in the reasons that make the people in any society. Avalon City Islamabad is owned by well-known developers who have already developed other successful projects. Mr. Imran Ismail owns this society. The location of society is prime as it is situated near Chakri Interchange. The payment plans are also reasonable, and people can invest according to their affordability. The ROI is also good in this project. The NOC of society is yet to be approved. The features and amenities are all to be provided according to the need with the added touch of modern technology. 

Procedure for Booking a Plot in Avalon City Islamabad

Anzo Marketing always helps its clients as a reliable investment partner. It helps in the booking of the plots in a trustful way. The booking process for Avalon City Islamabad is easy, and the following steps are followed:

  • Fill in the booking form carefully.
  • Attaching the photocopies of the CNIC of the applicant.
  • Payment of the amount through cheque or money order for the plot.
  • Once the management permits, you can also pay in cash. 

The following documents are required for the booking of plots:

  • Photocopies of the CNIC
  • Photocopies of the CNIC of next of kin
  • Photocopies of receipts of down payment 
  • Two photographs (Passport size)

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Avalon City Islamabad is a new housing society launched in the real estate world.

Avalon City is different from other housing societies as it is affordable and has introduced technology to the project, making it the only technology-based society in Pakistan. 

Mr. Imran Ismail, ex-governer of Sindh, is the owner of Avalon City Islamabad.

The NOC of Avalon City is yet to be approved. All the legal documents have been submitted, and the NOC will be approved shortly.

The plots are available in semi-annual and 36 monthly installment plans. 

The residential plots of 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal are available in Avalon City.

Avalon City is an affordable housing society as the plots are available with easy payment and installment plans.

Avalon City is located on the main Chakri Road near Chakri Interchange.

The developers of Avalon City are ZKB (Zakir Khan Brother).

Avalon City is a good investment opportunity as the return on investment (ROI) is very high in the near future. 


Avalon City Islamabad is a unique housing society offering plots at affordable prices. The features and amenities provided are up-to-the-mark. The prime location makes it more attractive to investors. If you are planning to buy a plot in Avalon City Islamabad or any other housing society such as 

Visit the head office of Anzo Marketing located in Blue Area, D-Chowk Islamabad. For booking and details call at our UAN: 331 1111 080 or fill out the given form.