Budget 2023-24: Special Incentives for Overseas Pakistanis

The anticipated budget for the fiscal year 2023-24 brings a wave of positivity and can build new interest in overseas Pakistanis. The government of Pakistan has recognized the valuable contributions in the Economic circumstances. The govt announced to give special incentives to Pakistanis living abroad in the upcoming budgets for 2023 and 2024. These measures aim to encourage investment, foster economic growth, and strengthen the bond with the diaspora.

Encouraging Investment through Remittances

It is a good initiative by the government of Pakistan to take out the burden of heavy taxes and reduced it to a 2% final tax on the purchase of immovable property such as Saffron City Islamabad through remittances. This move aims to encourage investment from overseas Pakistanis, creating a more favorable environment for them to invest in property and contribute to economic growth. The removal of this tax strengthens the ties between the nation and its diaspora.

Revolutionizing the Experience for Pakistanis Abroad


The budget 2023-24 unveils the exclusive “Diamond Card,” we will observe significant development that surely revolutionizes the experience for Pakistanis living abroad. Reserved for individuals remitting over $50,000, the Diamond Card embodies prestige and privilege. It offers unparalleled benefits and grants access to exceptional services, enhancing the overall experience for overseas Pakistanis.

Licenses for Restricted Firearms and Complimentary Passports

Distinguished Diamond Card holders enjoy exclusive privileges. Especially, they are granted licenses for restricted firearms, demonstrating the government’s commitment to safeguarding their interests. Additionally, Diamond Card holders receive complimentary passports, streamlining their travel arrangements and ensuring seamless mobility across borders. These privileges highlight the value placed on their contributions.

Personalized Services for Diamond Card Holders

Diamond Card holders relish priority access to diplomatic missions, receiving personalized attention and expedited services. This privilege acknowledges the significant role played by overseas Pakistanis and aims to make their interactions with diplomatic missions smoother and more efficient. It strengthens the bond between the nation and its diaspora.

Making Travel Seamless for Diamond Card Holders

To enhance the experience for Diamond Card holders, the budget includes expedited immigration facilities at airports. This initiative minimizes wait times, streamlines procedures, and expedites clearance, ensuring convenient and hassle-free travel. It facilitates the movement of overseas Pakistanis and improves their overall journey experience.

Exciting Lucky Draws and Extraordinary Prizes

To show appreciation for the loyalty and contributions of Diamond Card holders, the government has designed an enticing scheme. Through captivating lucky draws, these esteemed individuals have the chance to win extraordinary prizes. This initiative celebrates the invaluable role played by overseas Pakistanis, further supporting the bond between the nation and its diaspora.