How To Book A Plot In Park View City Overseas Block

To book a plot in Park view city Islamabad Overseas Block, you will have to follow the 3-year installment plan. To make a booking, feel free to contact Anzo Marketing along with a few documents that are;

  1. Photocopy of CNIC
  2. Photocopy of Nominee’s CNIC
  3. 2 Passport size photographs

The most secure and profit-making investment is indeed in the Park View City Overseas Block. The plots are offered at very reasonable pricing. The development is being carried out at a fast pace. People who want to secure their money and enjoy higher returns in the days to come should definitely think about investing in this block.


Park View City Overseas Block has granted possession of those block whose development is near completion. The development of this mega society will be completed in the next 2 years. Moreover, possession for the remaining plots will be hand over with in mentioned time. Development work of Block A and B is complete. Park View is offering immediate possession on Block A and B. Moreover, there are 2 Kanal plots in D Block with immediate possession. Anyone who wants to get construct his or her own house in these blocks can definitely construct simply by booking a plot.

Park View City has announced new bookings for a limited time period. Therefore, people who are interested in investing in this society should avail this offer. This society is best from a living and investment perspective and a perfect location too.

Attractions: Why it is best to choose?

  • Prime location.
  • NOC holder.
  • Availability of basic and modern facilities.
  • Serenity and a peaceful environment.
  • Safe investment and desired return.
  • Eco-friendly environment.
  • Presence of 50 ft. underground water.
  • The Park View City own’s power plant will make you worry-free from load shedding.

Park View City Overseas Block Development

The developers of Park View City are striving to gear up the developmental work as they believe in delivering services ahead of time. Development work for Masjid is in progress. The work of constructing well known school initiated in A block. The best thing about this society is the availability of underground water. The water treatment plant will be installed in the Block A of the society so that the pure drinking water supply can be made easier for all residents of the society. This plant will filter, recycle, and ensure supply of water to all areas. The entrance of society along with the exalted main gate has been developed. The development work on a 200 ft. wide road is going on. The natural beauty, greenery, and hill view enhance this society’s beauty and catch the attention of the viewer.

Park View City Balloting

The announcement for balloting and possession of plots in society was made on March 24th, 2019. The event had been held in the society for the balloting of plots and the same was attended by leading investors and authorized dealers of this mega project. Furthermore, numbers were also allotted to 5, 8, 10 marla, 1 and 2 Kanal plots. The whole procedure was done through computerized systems. After one week of balloting, all relevant documents related to the plot numbers had been handed over to the owners.

Things To Consider While Purchasing a Plot in PVC Overseas Block

It will be wise to follow the following few steps before you purchase a plot in Park View City.

Verification Of Documents Including NOC

Purchasing property is not an easy deal. However, for most people, this money can be their lifetime savings. Therefore, people always take a deep thought before purchasing a property because it is not a small investment. Hence, it is always wise to thoroughly verify all documents from CDA before paying such a huge amount because then you will be completely satisfied that you’re investing money in the right place.

Take A Look At Your Budget

Make sure you give enough time to your thought process before actually making the decision. Do not make any decision in a hurry. It is essential to look at your finances and affordability before purchasing anything. It will ensure that you can pay all costs related to the purchase of property, including the transfer fee, membership fee, property cost, survey fee, development charges, and commission of the dealer.

Visit Of Society

Before purchasing a plot in Park View City Overseas Block, we suggest you visit the society to see the society and inspect the land. This way, you will build a familiarity with society. You will know where your capital is going to invest. Therefore, self-satisfaction comes first. You don’t have to purchase the property unless you are completely satisfied with the project.

Wrapping Up

To book a plot in the Park View City Islamabad Overseas Block, you have to provide considerable things such as a photocopy of CNIC, a photocopy of nominee CNIC, and 2 sizes passport photographs. You also have to follow three years of the installment plan. For booking, details, and development updates, contact Anzo Marketing today.