reason to invest in park view city islamabad

Reasons to Invest in Park View City Islamabad

The investors keep different factors in mind while they book a plot in any housing society. The location, NOC, basic amenities, payment, and installment plans, along with the housing society’s surroundings and environment, are considered. Park View City Islamabad is one such project. Due to various reasons mentioned below, investors invest in Park View City Islamabad. 

Location of Park View City Islamabad

Park View City Islamabad is located at an ideal location with hills on one side and botanical gardens on the other side. It has covered almost 7000 Kanals of land. The location attracts investors as it is a bit away from the noisy city life. It can be accessed easily from Rawal Road as well as Bara Kahu. The housing society can also be accessed from Kurri Road, which is 200 feet wide. It is a 10 to 15 minutes drive from Faizabad. 

NOC Status   

NOC (No Objection Certificate) is also important for adding to the worth of any housing society. It legalizes the status, and investors feel secure while investing in any society. Park View City Islamabad has acquired its No Objection Certificate (NOC) from CDA (Capital Development Authority). It also has legal documents, so it is a safe option for investors.

Major Institutions Near PVC Islamabad

Different governmental and non-governmental institutions are situated near Park View City Islamabad, which attracts investors to invest as well as reside in the housing society. 

  • NIH
  • Iqra University
  • Rawal Dam
  • Pak-China Friendship Center
  • National Agriculture Research Center
  • Islamabad Club

Basic Amenities

The developers are keeping in mind the needs of the residents and providing a 24/7 supply of the basic necessities such as water, electricity, and gas. As it is near Rawal Dam, so the water level is maintained. Underground tanks will be built in order to store the excess rainwater for later use. Gumrah River also passes nearby, which ensures the availability of water on a permanent basis. The idea of the construction of the dam in the society will store water effectively and efficiently and make it accessible to the residents of the society. Education, health, shopping malls, gated community, parks, and mosques would be provided to the residents inside the housing society making their lives easy and convenient. 

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Why should you invest in Park View City Islamabad?

There are various reasons that appeal to the people and investors for investing and residing in Park View City Islamabad. 

Installment Plans

The easy and reasonable installment plans of different blocks make it an affordable choice. The people who want to invest in PVC Islamabad can invest based on their finances and savings and buy property as is convenient for them. 

Blocks in PVC Islamabad

There are different blocks in Park View City, Islamabad, for different mindsets of different people. Some are for residential purposes, others for commercial purposes, and so on. Following are some of the blocks of Park View City Islamabad:

  • Park View City A & B Block
  • Park View City Overseas Block
  • Park View City Commercial Block
  • Park View City Overseas Commercial Block
  • Park View City Golf Estate
  • Park View City The Walk
  • Park View City Downtown

Eco-friendly Environment 

Environmentalists suggest and advise living in areas that are covered by greenery and are close to nature. It helps in the physical as well as mental growth of human beings. As hills and botanical gardens surround Park View City Islamabad, it is considered a top choice by the people who want to focus on their health and live in an eco-friendly environment that will be advantageous for their present as well as for their future generation.  

Developers of the Society

Mr. Aleem Khan owns Park View City Islamabad and is the owner of Vision Group. They always take a step forward in bringing modern technology, architecture, and infrastructure to the projects they initiate. As they have started other successful projects such as Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation, Park View City Lahore, The National School, and so on, investors have trust in him. They are satisfied while investing money in the project.          


All the reasons to invest in Park View City Islamabad have been explained above. The serene location, NOC-approved society, provision of basic amenities, commercial hubs, parks, mosques, and easy installment plans are the reasons why the investors need to invest in Park View City Islamabad. These factors attract people to start investing and residing in the housing society.  

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