The Mukaab is Trending in Saudi Arabia: What’s Behind That?



Saudi Arabia, that already building new luxurious real estate projects such as NEOM, and other giga-scale constructions, is planning to build a mega cube skyscraper project. According to Arab News, Saudi crown prince Muhammad Bin Salman unveiled his plan to build a gigantic skyscraper, a downtown development in Riyadh City called New Murabba. Containing over seven miles of area, you can say it is about a third the size of Manhattan. So this will be the outrage over the new entertainment city in Saudi Arabia. 

Why is Mukaab, “New Kaaba” Trending on Twitter in Saudi Arabia?

After disclosing the master plan of the Mukaab, netizens show some angriness over its shape as it resembled The Holy Kaaba (The Holy Place for Muslims). The Holy Kaaba is the most prominent and sacred place for worship among Muslims situated in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. 

According to Intercept journalist Murtaza Hussain, constructing a new Kaaba solely dedicated to capitalism is too blatant. Asad Abu Khalil, an academic, expressed on Twitter whether the crown prince intends to impose it as the new direction for Muslim prayers, given that it seems he is building his own Kaaba. 

There was also some news spread over several people of the Howeitat tribe in Saudi Arabia who were arrested or detained for showing resistance.

Project Details of the Mukaab

Over $500 Billion will spend on The Mukaab development. The New Murabba will contain over seven miles of area. The Mukaab is designed in a structure of a mega cube shape that will contain 20 times the Empire State Building in New York.

The development includes a museum, a tech and design university, a multipurpose theatre, residential apartments, dining, and entertainment and cultural venues, as reported and shown in the video, of Arab News. This gigantic cubic shape will be a 400-meter-long, wide, and deep structure made up of overlapping triangular forms. 

It will reportedly hold the capacity of 20 times the empire estate buildings of New York and have a giant space virtual tower in the center of the Mukaab

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Facilities in the Mukaab

The Mukaab will have the following facilities:


    • 25 million+ square meters of floor area, 

    • 104,000 residential apartments or units, 

    • 9,000+ hotel rooms, 

    • 980,000 sq meters for retail space,

    • 1.4 million sq meters for office space, 

    • 620,000 sq meters of relaxation area

    • 1.8 million sq meters of community facilities, 

    • The outlet.

    • Hospitality

    • Entertainment Centers

    • Fitness Centers

    • Dining

    • 360 Degree Views


The Mukaab is a new upcoming and gigantic real estate project in Saudi Arabia. Its cubic shape has led some people to angriness because of its resemblance to The Holy Kaaba, while some people welcome it as it has all the facilities that we are looking for in the modern world. The Mukaab holds 19 Square Kilometers Area of land in the capital city of Saudi Arabia Riyadh.

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