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Complete Guide for Property Registry in Pakistan


The registration, aka registry of the property, is a crucial step. In Pakistan, different authorities are involved in the registration process. Therefore, the registration process is complicated and takes months to complete. 

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Registration of Immovable Property  

It is important to register immovable property. It includes buildings, land, or anything attached to the Earth. Registration is important as it protects the rights of the owners. It also helps smooth ownership transfer in case of sale or inheritance. Moreover, it ensures the safety of your property from encroachers. Another major function of the registry is bringing your property into the official records, which will help the tax-paying process. Looking at the function of the property registry in Pakistan, it is evident how important it is to register your property. 

Documents Requirement for Registry Process in Pakistan

The Board of Revenue is responsible for the process of registration of lands in Pakistan. In the year 1855, it was formed for registration. It also serves in the maintenance of land and property records and the preparation of maps.

A list of documents released by the Board of Revenue is required for the registration process. They are as follows:

  • Original Title Deed of Seller
  • Sale Deed
  • NOC (No Objection Certificate)
  • Power of Attorney     

Difference Between Registration and Transfer of Property 

We can acquire the ownership of property by two means: registration and transfer. When the property in New City Paradise or anywhere is officially recorded under the owner’s name, it is known as registration. Whenever the ownership is transferred from one person to another, it is known as the transfer of property. 

There are certainly other differences in registration and transfer. For example, registration can do the recognition of any property. In contrast, registration usually does not need registration to transfer any property. Moreover, registration is done once in a lifetime, while property transfer is an ongoing process.  

Additionally, for the registration of any property, the government body must be involved in it. However, in the transfer process, the involvement of government bodies is not necessary. Private bodies can also get involved in the transfer process. 

Registration Processes in Different Cities in Pakistan

Different steps are involved in the registration process of properties in different major cities of Pakistan. First, let us look at the procedure for Karachi and Lahore. 

Procedure for Karachi

Different steps are involved in the registration process in Karachi. They are as follows:

To obtain a NOC for sale/ Sales certificateSeven days
Conducting an online title searchOne day
Creating sale/purchase agreements using the standard online templatesOne day
Paying the stamp duty, registration fee, etc.One day
To take the receipt of payment to the stamp officeOne day
Registration and execution of deed before the sub-registrarThree days

Procedure for Lahore

Some standard steps are required for the procedure of registration in Lahore. They are as follows:

Steps Duration 
Obtaining the Fard (Ownership Certificate)One day
Creating sale/purchase agreements using the standard online templatesOne day
Paying the stamp duty, registration fee, etc.One day
Registration and execution of deed before the authorityEight days

Real Estate Scams in Property Registration

Registration of the property has its benefits. However, there are different scams in the registration process as well. There are various instances where people have scammed others due to forged and false documents.    

Sometimes the registration is done under a false name, and the buyer thinks he is buying the property from the right person, but it is not the case. 

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It’s advised to identify and verify the owner of the property. It is also suggested to verify the documents of the property. As a result, you would be able to avoid any scams. 


In conclusion, the keynotes we can take from the blog are the importance of registration and the steps you need to follow. In addition, the procedures of property registry in Pakistan in different cities and the guidelines to avoid any scams in real estate are also mentioned.  

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