What to Look For Before Viewing a Property

What to Look For Before Viewing a Property?


It is challenging to go out and invest your money in anything, be it real estate, infrastructure industry, or any other industry. There are different things to look out for when viewing a property. There are always some pros and cons to every business. There are some honest people as well as scammers in the market. Therefore, it is better to do your research beforehand and avoid any mishaps. So in this blog, we will examine what to look for before viewing a property.

Proper guidance is a critical factor in viewing any property to avoid any scam. Anzo Marketing is your guide if you are looking for a reliable investment partner in real estate. You can visit the main office and take the advice of an honest and professional team.

Things to Consider Before Viewing a Property        

Following are the factors that should be kept in mind before viewing or buying any property:

Location of the Property

Location is the prime feature that can increase and decrease the worth of any property. It also reflects the quality and standard of life of the residents. For any buyer, it is necessary to look out for the location to see if it is near all the primary places such as educational institutions, hospitals, banks, shopping malls, parks, and mosques. The residents will reach any place within no time. The property’s surroundings must also be considered as a healthy and peaceful environment is necessary for the growth and success of your generations. 

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Knowledge About the Project

Complete details of the project should be considered while looking for any property. These details include:

  • No Objection Certificate (NOC)
  • Layout Plan (LOP)
  • Land Covered by the Society

Once you get this information, you need to approve it from the relevant authority such as RDA and CDA.

Knowledge of the Market Prices

Before viewing any property, it is important to have the knowledge of the market trends. A person should invest in the property only when the prices are low and the ROI is expected to be higher in the near future. It is also important to crosscheck the prices with one or two agents for better options. If the prices are high at the time of your investment, you need to wait a little and let the prices come down to your range. In this way, you will get more profit. 

Knowing the Owner of Property

It is important to know the owner of the property that you are buying. If any agent avoids the information of the owner or does not let you meet him, there is something wrong with the property. You need to avoid buying such property. 

Knowledge of the Property Size

Different sizes of plots are available in every housing society such as Blue Wolrd City and Park View City Islamabad. A smart investor or buyer would be the person who will keep in mind the size of his family and the size of the property. It is not an easy task to change or relocate your family. This is a basic requirement to have some knowledge of the size of property before buying it. 

Use of Pay Orders

To be on a safe side, it is suggested not to pay the amount in cash. There is no record of cash payment. To avoid issues in the future, it is good to pay the amount through pay orders or bank cheques. In this way, the record will be saved for future use. It is important to check the completion of all the necessary steps before handing over the pay order. A photocopy of the pay order should be saved for future use. 


Summing up the topic, it is clear that there are several things that should be looked out for before viewing a property. The information about location, owner, project details, and size should be gathered in advance. This will be helpful in avoiding any scam and getting a good ROI. Anzo Marketing is your go to place for such dealings as it is the most reliable investment partner.   

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